Wi-Fi 7 and Beyond: Building a Stronger Future on the 6 GHz Spectrum

David Coleman Director, Wireless Networking at the Office of the CTO Published 7 Mar 2023

Wi-Fi technology has made impressive strides, and the latest generation of Wi-Fi 6E promises to take it even further. Unlike earlier Wi-Fi generations that only utilized the 2.4 and 5 GHz spectrum bands, Wi-Fi 6E introduces 6 GHz frequency band connectivity for the first time.

In fact, Wi-Fi 6E is a foundational generation of Wi-Fi due to its 6 GHz connectivity. This means that future Wi-Fi generations like Wi-Fi 7 and Wi-Fi 8 will be built upon the same 6 GHz spectrum foundation that debuted with Wi-Fi 6E.

The availability of the 6 GHz spectrum represents a crucial milestone in Wi-Fi technology. This new spectrum offers faster data speeds, increased capacity, reduced interference, and better latency. The next generation, Wi-Fi 7, will build upon this foundation with new technical building blocks, including 320 MHz channels, 4K QAM modulation, multi-link operation (MLO), puncturing, and more. These advancements will further enhance the capabilities of Wi-Fi technology and allow for even more efficient and reliable wireless connectivity.

Infographic Series 15 - The Building Blocks of Wi-Fi 7

We have created this infographic to illustrate the technical building blocks of Wi-Fi 7. The PDF version of the infographic is available for download via the link below. Print it out in full color and display it in your office to keep up-to-date with the latest in Wi-Fi technology. Don’t forget to share it with your colleagues and be the first to know about the exciting developments of Wi-Fi 7.

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