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What’s Possible with an Intelligent Network?

“End users are looking for an intelligent network, one that can see what is going on and figure out how to respond and react to it.” – Chris Kolb, Senior Account Executive, Integration Partners

Networking technology that has the capability to learn, evolve and correct itself based on changing demands will shape the future of the enterprise. Autonomous networks will automatically detect and correct any errors that come across their specific system. The network is the foundation of the enterprise and when it can be automated and optimized, it will power the autonomous enterprise of the future.

Building autonomous enterprises requires enabling stronger security for schools, more efficient and life-critical technology at hospitals, and better vendor-to-customer experiences in retail. Schools will incorporate facial recognition into their security cameras to recognize intruders, doctors will be able to better monitor their patient’s health remotely, and retailers will implement personalized experiences for their customers. The truth is, every industry can benefit from creating an autonomous enterprise and deploying an intelligent network.

Imagine how much more productive organizations could be without using up company hours completing mundane tasks that could instead be accomplished with automation, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and more?

Now more than ever, organizations need to ensure that their important and confidential information will be safe and secure. The network is the first line of defense against cybersecurity attacks. With autonomous networking, policies and processes can be implemented to secure the network and data it contains. By detecting anomalous behaviors, autonomous networks take actions to automatically remediate any issues before they wreak havoc on an organization.  

Integration Partners Solutions Architect Perry Heliger, notes that introducing automation into end-users’ networks will result in more personalized solutions per industry, per customer. To build these personalized and customizable solutions, Extreme Networks developed Extreme Elements; the building blocks of the autonomous enterprise. Unlike other vendors, Extreme does not offer one-size-fits-all solutions because we recognize every business and human experience is different.

“No one vendor can do it all, but it’s important for us all to work together in the areas that we slightly overlap, or don’t overlap at all, and that’s what Extreme allows us to do.” – Perry Heliger, Solutions Architect, Integration Partners


Below, Integration Partners Senior Account Executive Chris Kolb explains that now is the time when networks need to become more identity based and know who the users are. He’s seeing his customers use aspects automation more and more and deploy the initial building blocks to eventually create autonomous networks. He notes that intelligence is going to be a key piece to creating smart networks.

“The goal of automation is to have an intelligent network.” – Chris Kolb, Senior Account Executive, Integration Partners


By using Extreme Elements and deploying the right architecture for their business, end-users will be able to create a network that provides the security they desire, the analytics and data they want when they need it, and the automation capabilities that will lead them to success. Extreme Elements provide enterprises the flexibility to pick and choose the elements they need to yield positives outcome for their business. It provides a self-sustaining foundation – the autonomous network – with elements that adapt and work together in harmony.

This blog was originally authored by Morgan Blaney, Content Marketing Co-Op.

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