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What You Need to Know About the Smart OmniEdge Solution

Lisa Yeaton Specialist, Content Marketing Published 2 Aug 2018

“Welcome to the edge era: where a second lost on the network has insurmountable consequences.” Norman Rice

The future of network innovation is at the edge. The edge is where employees, partners, customers, and the organization meet. It’s critically important for building competitive advantage. Digital transformation initiatives rely on the success at the edge. A network edge done right fuels innovation and business growth; but done incorrectly, it will thwart success and jeopardize your business goals.

What Happens at the Network Edge?

Today’s network edge is more than just connectivity. This is where business takes place and the battle rages for competitive differentiation. The network edge is the…

  • Point where an organization and its customers meet – where users engage, mobile transactions occur, and IoT devices connect.
  • First-Line of defense against cyber-security attacks and the go-to place for a pulse on the business
  • Strategic-Enabler of digital transformation and business operation

How to Avoid Putting Your Digital Transformation Goals at Risk

To ensure the success of your digital transformation, it is important to pay close attention to edge investments and explore how innovations in machine learning, network automation, multi-cloud solutions, and security can help. To eliminate the everywhere/everything challenges of the network edge, Extreme launched Smart OmniEdge, an unrivaled network edge solution that provides enterprises a superior customer-driven experience while providing the intelligence, security, and adaptability needed to achieve digital transformation goals faster.

How Does Extreme’s Smart OmniEdge Give Your Business an Advantage?

With Smart OmniEdge, enterprises can acquire and provision edge services quickly and easily, regardless of the consumption model (hardware, software or as-a-service). Users will enjoy a consistent experience over a unified infrastructure that supports campus and distributed wireless architectures without sacrificing convenient features. Here are the top 8 ways Smart OmniEdge gives your business an edge:

Customer-Driven Experience 

  • Smart OmniEdge provides the exceptional user experience and innovative capabilities that businesses need to personalize engagement, by quickly and easily identifying users and devices and tailoring services to address their needs.

Artificial Intelligence

  • ExtremeAI for Smart OmniEdge directs cognitive intelligence to the complex task of RF management, one of the most onerous chores IT administrators face. By automating all aspects of Wi-Fi RF management, the network continuously learns and adapts, proactively ensuring a best-in-class experience for mobile users and reducing the maintenance and troubleshooting burden on IT.

Business Adaptive

  • Smart OmniEdge can transform in ‘lock step’ with your business. It offers consistent hardware, management, services and user experience across all deployment models. It enables you to adapt to changing market dynamics without the need to rip and replace the infrastructure.


  • Smart OmniEdge provides “connect anything, anywhere” simplicity for the wired and wireless edge. Extreme Fabric Connect technology simplifies network configuration through network service automation and the dynamic secure attachment of wired and wireless users, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

IoT Simplicity

  • Smart OmniEdge simplifies the onboarding and security of IoT devices with its Defender for IoT solution. Providing centralized visibility and management, it ensures simple and secure access of IoT devices onto the network, while analyzing traffic flows and pinpointing potential anomalies.

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Brand Protection

  • Today a cybersecurity breach can not only bring down a network, it can bring down a business. Smart OmniEdge enhances security across wired, wireless and IoT environments, delivering integrated and automated compliance checks, threat detection, intelligence and mitigation from the time of user and device onboarding until the completion of the session.

Business Integration

  • Smart OmniEdge delivers pervasive APIs to offer the data insights and contextual information needed to personalize engagement and enable programmability of the entire infrastructure.

Extended Edge Intelligence

  • Extreme’s Extended Edge Switching solution eliminates deployment complexity by collapsing multiple network layers into a single logical switch, enhancing the intelligence of the edge switches.

In Gartner’s latest release of the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Wired and Wireless LAN Access Infrastructure, Extreme was positioned as a Leader. In the report, Gartner states “Extreme’s Product Management organization has done an excellent job integrating the access networking products of its recent acquisitions, Avaya and Zebra, into a cohesive roadmap focused on common hardware and a unified operating system, which is important to clients developing a three- to five-year strategy.”

Don’t Put Digital Transformation Initiatives on Hold

The future of networking is fundamentally tied to the future of technology. The network needs to operate flawlessly to support devices and activity as technologies become further integrated with daily functions. New technologies like AI, virtual reality, IoT and cloud are here to digitally transform your entire organization. With the right network solution, your organization can move forward with digital transformation initiatives right now. With adaptive solutions, pervasive intelligence, and intrinsic security at the edge, your network will remain competitive and ensure reliable connectivity.

Extreme Smart OmniEdge is the right solution. It simplifies complexity to accelerate business transformation, comprising a secure, unified wired/wireless infrastructure, augmented with AI/ML powered applications and managed through a single pane of glass. Purpose built with a single operating model that scales to address the growth of IoT, Smart OmniEdge delivers a consistent customer-driven experience across campus and distributed environments, cloud and on-premise deployments.

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