What Are Professional Network Services, and Why Do You Need Them?

Deidra Peterson Specialist, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 22 Oct 2018

What Are Professional Services?

In the network world, professional services are relied upon for the implementation of solutions offered by network providers. In many cases, when enterprises are facing projects like hardware refreshes, impending upgrades or the need for a new network design, there aren’t enough internal resources available to see through execution. When working with the right provider, engaging professional services is a great way to gain access to highly skilled network specialists who will be able to tackle all of your network needs.

Professional network services can include a broad range of outputs, including: 

  • Assessment services
  • Project management
  • Advanced integration
  • Implementation
  • Technical training
  • Global infrastructure services
  • On-site management and support
  • Performance optimization
  • Security

“Professional services is a group of engineers and partners that are certified on Extreme solutions, and our roles focus on the implementation of the solutions that we offer. We also do consultative work. Implementation consists of everything from layer 1: cabling, mounting, racking and stacking through configuration design work, and post-installation.” – Mark Blouch, Director of Professional Services, Extreme Networks

Why Do You Need to Engage Professional Services?

As enterprises globally are pursuing digital transformation, migration to cutting-edge IT technologies and software-defined networks are common, but difficult undertakings. Concurrently, most organizations either don’t have the time to fully see through such projects, or don’t have the internal expertise to do so correctly. Some businesses attempt to take on large network projects internally, but often reach a point where they either get stuck, or they get into trouble with an outage.

Engaging professional services gives your business the opportunity to gain an internal expert on the solution you’re looking to implement. Resident services are also an option when staff augmentation is needed; whether there’s a shortage or an unexpected need arises, professional services can provide the resources necessary for the work you need support for. 

At the end of the day, achieving agility and adaptiveness is critical to thriving in the midst of digitalization. The software-defined method is swiftly replacing the legacy, manual approach to networking, and your business has to keep up in order to deliver IT at the speed of business. Your network is the backbone that supports the life of your organization, and if you don’t have the necessary internal resources to stay connected and optimize operations, professional services may be the key to your success.

“We offer professional services using a best practice methodology: plan, design, implement, and operate. We follow this methodology consistently and as part of that commitment, we use our best practice knowledge and expertise to implement a solution that meets all the customer’s needs.” – Mark Blouch, Director of Professional Services, Extreme Networks

If you’re seeking to gain the networking expertise you’re missing and take advantage of an engineering knowledge pool with extensive industry tenure, Extreme Networks Professional Services are here for you. You’ll be able to give your IT team the time to focus on the projects that truly align with your talents and contribute to business while counting on a proven best practice methodology that will keep your implementation moving from beginning to end.


Learn more about Extreme’s Professional Services Offerings by visiting our Solution Page.

Have pressing questions? Reach out to an Extreme Networks professional services expert today, or call us at 1-888-257-3000.  

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