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The Autonomous Enterprise: Machine-Assisted; People Driven

Joanne Lennon Senior Manager, Product Marketing Published 21 Jan 2019

If the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), that took place in Las Vegas earlier this month, is anything to judge by, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) will be the buzz words for 2019.

Reports of “Jaw-dropping’ AI technology abound, including:

  • Televisions that detect what you’re watching and automatically improve the viewing experience
  • Toothbrushes with AI to enhance the cleaning experience
  • Washing machines that help create optimal experiences of less water usage and quieter operating durations

The list goes on. AI enhanced products are coming into our consumer lives at a dizzying pace.

AI and ML in the Enterprise

What about enterprise environments? Can we expect to see the same flurry of AI and ML solutions coming into hospitals, schools, retail stores, and hotels in 2019?

The short answer is yes. While adoption is slow, and we are unlikely to see the sheer number or diversity of AI and ML solutions increase, AI and ML technology is permeating into enterprise environments.

As highlighted in a previous blog, How Secure is your Edge Network: Are AI and ML the answer?, experts believe that the initial focus of AI/ML in enterprise environments will be in security and network operations use cases.  AI/ML can detect and deter security intrusions, as well as resolve network issues, faster and more proactively than humans. It has the potential to resolve a security or network problem before it even becomes apparent to those operating the network. 

The Autonomous Enterprise

AI and ML are viewed as critical capabilities to enabling the future Autonomous Enterprise, as highlighted in the Forbes article Next Step For Artificial Intelligence: The Autonomous Enterprise

Like self-driving cars, the Autonomous Enterprise is one that can self-drive.  One built on a network foundation offering the pervasive visibility, intelligence, security, and automation needed to self-adjust and continually optimize business operations. 

Today, we are already seeing autonomous capabilities in enterprise environments…

Earlier this month at CES 2019, Lyft reported that since launching their self-driving Las Vegas taxi service at last year’s CES, it’s now had almost 30,000 paid rides.

Machine-Assisted; People-Driven

With all the excitement and buzz around AI and ML technology, one may think that the Autonomous Enterprise is all about machines:

  • Machines taking over
  • Machines replacing the onerous tasks that humans were once responsible for
  • Machines making our current workforce obsolete

However, the reality is the complete opposite. AI and ML may assist and help enable the Autonomous Enterprise, but people are the drivers and remain in control.

The Autonomous Enterprise is all about people – creating superior experiences and changing outcomes for the better. Whether it is leveraging technology to accelerate medical diagnoses, enhance classroom learning, or personalize retail experiences, it all starts and finishes with people – not machines.

Here at Extreme, customers always come first. Every product and service we design and bring to market is built with our customers in mind. How can it solve your problem? How can we deliver a better experience? If incorporating AI and ML enhances that experience or frees up time to allow you to focus on what really matters, all the better.

To learn more about Extreme Networks solutions, review some of our resources below. Also stay tuned for upcoming blog posts and information on how Extreme Networks can help make the Autonomous Enterprise a reality– and deliver a better experience for your customers.

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