Optimizing the Guest Experience

Mason Mallory Content Marketing Intern Published 5 Dec 2022

Customers come first. This is the most important rule for any company within the hospitality industry. It is vital to optimize the guest experience for hospitality business owners, and in today’s world, technology enhances the customer experience. Hospitality business owners know that a positive experience brings back repeat customers. So, what tech should they bring to their customers, and how can it be done efficiently?

What are They Trying to Do?

The main focus of enhancing the consumer experience within the hospitality industry is advancement in on-premises technology. With advanced technological equipment, there are a variety of options that can be implemented. Some hotels have already begun implementing more entertainment, such as Hulu, Apple TV, and other streaming services, to enhance their customers’ stay. However, customers want the ultimate experience. Incorporating smart room technology such as Alexa and Google Home can differentiate a hotel’s experience from others. The future is coming, and this is just a taste of implementations that can are changing the industry.

How Can They Execute and Go Beyond?

Ensuring these technologies operate efficiently for these guests relies on a secure and stable wireless network connection. Guests expect to have high-performance Wi-Fi access during their stay. Having a secure and reliable connection will not only increase the speed of their personal devices but also support the additional devices that you have brought in to help keep customers happy. That is where Extreme Networks can help you build a secure, reliable connection for your guest.

How Extreme Can Help You Build the Network You Want

Wi-Fi connectivity is the number one most important amenity in the hospitality industry. Meaning a secure, reliable, and highly scalable network is a must. Extreme Networks solutions allow you to choose how you want to build your network and prepare it for the future.

How we do it better:

Wi-Fi Connectivity: ExtremeWireless solutions are highly scalable, secure, and have reliable connectivity.

Contextual Analytics & Insights for Application Prioritization: ExtremeAnalytics gives you visibility into user engagement patterns with 7-layer insight and control. As well as measurements of network and application performance.

To ensure you create the best possible guest experience, welcome them with a reliable network connection to kick it off. With Extreme, you can continue to advance your network while making it easy to integrate new technology into your guest experience. It’s time to find the right solutions for you and advance your guest experiences with us today and tomorrow.

Optimize the User Experience and find the right network solution for you!

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