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Master Your Guest Onboarding Process For Superior Customer Experience

Kendra Luciano Managing Editor, Content Marketing Published 24 Feb 2021

Keep the customer happy. That’s essentially the most important rule for any company in the hospitality industry. Hotels, restaurants, sports arenas, and so many other hospitality businesses know that a positive experience is what keeps the customers coming back. This leads to positive reviews and word-of-mouth advertising, which results in more business and growth for the company.

One of the more infuriating elements for customers in many venues is the overly complicated process of connecting to Wi-Fi. Even some of the most reputable and high-class organizations have outdated networking capabilities that can be stressful to connect to. Now that remote technology is such a dominating force within our culture, having an advanced and accessible network is an absolute must.

Guest onboarding is the process through which customers gain access to a company’s network, and it often requires a variety of steps. This is a popular feature among hotels and airports, where larger networks require verification and permissions to connect to a network. Anyone who has ever tried to connect to Wi-Fi when traveling knows that the process is not as simple as putting in a simple password, like when signing into your home network with a new device. Some companies require account setup or they force users to upload personal information through a registration process. Frustration can certainly build when networks have so many barriers to entry, and it can quickly lead to customers feeling less than thrilled about their experiences.

There are legitimate reasons that company networks have so many verification steps for connection. Legal disclaimers are often used to provide users with the rules and risks associated with connecting to the network, which requires users to read and sign the agreement. The verification process also allows system managers to monitor who is using the network at any given time, which provides an added level of security. Although these steps may be necessary for both the customer and network provider, many system administrators don’t realize the process doesn’t have to be so complicated.

ExtremeGuest Essentials allows a simplified approach to guest onboarding, allowing customizable features to provide companies with the flexibility to run networks the way they prefer. Self-registration can be made easy for guests, with one-time passwords and Social IDs from their preferred social media accounts. Network encryption provides certainty that user information is safe from threats and exploits, and Extreme’s Deep Analytics can provide companies with insights about user behavior, so management can refine the customer experience.

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