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Harness Your Business Network’s Potential with Advanced Data Analytics

Businesses are pushing network capabilities to the limit, especially now with the recent explosion in remote activity caused by the pandemic. With all the challenges we’re facing in 2020, there has never been a more crucial time to ensure your company has a fast, reliable, and functional network. Yet most companies tend to overlook the benefits of analyzing network data to improve security and functionality, along with other useful stats that can help improve system performance and ultimately lead to higher profitability. You could have access to an unlimited sea of data just waiting to be utilized, and with the right platform and resources, it could help bring your business to the new heights.

Remote activity is currently at peak use, which means your network is more vulnerable than ever. Ransomware, viruses, and network breaches have been increasing dramatically because of this, which could potentially cost your company millions of dollars. Proper data analytics can allow your IT network team to spot irregularities and suspicious activity, and make it possible to monitor your network health, Wi-Fi health, and security health, so that you can pinpoint a problem as soon as it starts. This saves time, money, and resources, so attention can be focused exclusively on making your business grow. The best way to avoid an attack is to make sure it can’t start in the first place.

Analytical data can be particularly effective with troubleshooting and diagnostics, but can be useful beyond technical difficulties. Historical data analysis allows your company to understand your networks behavior, which can help generate in-depth reporting based on your company’s work history. Monitoring bandwidth and other resource usage over a longer term enables better insight for planning changes to network capacity. And pattern recognition can assist in preparation for an event before it happens. The data reports can be shared with stakeholders and different business units, so that accurate, clean data can be implemented to help drive important decision making when needed.

ExtremeAnalytics provides an effortless system to help your IT support team to quickly resolve technical issues, so employees spend less time waiting idly offline. Instead of wasting time fixing problems through trial and error, the applications developed by Extreme shows a simple layout of the network, highlighting the root cause of the issue. There’s no reason to call your service provider to find the issue, because Extreme’s interface makes any connection issues clear to see. This element of the program allows for a quick resolution, so less time is spent wondering where things went wrong.

The proper utilization of network resources can make or break any business. It’s time for users to get the most out of their network data. The pandemic created a WFH world, which means there’s never been a more important time to invest in a quality network.  Let your data pick up the slack, and elevate your company’s performance to the next level. Organizations turning to ExtremeAnalytics are making the most of network resources.

This blog was originally authored by Robert Nilsson, Director of Vertical Solutions Marketing.

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