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Get to Know Extreme’s Partner Marketing and Campaign Center (PMCC) in 60 Seconds!

Steve Solito Marketing Manager, Global Channel Campaigns Published 8 Apr 2020

Digital marketing is more powerful, influential, and critical than ever before. With a majority of the customer journey taking place digitally, it’s important to know precisely when and where our customers are interacting so we can provide them with accessible, high-quality content on a regular basis.

Forrester Research reports that 74% of B2B buyers conduct at least half their research online before making an offline purchase. This creates a great opportunity for Extreme partners who leverage digital marketing tools as one of their primary go-to-market strategies. Extreme is committed to enabling and arming partners with the right digital tools and innovative campaigns needed to “be the expert” in the field and support end-users on their buyers’ journey.

Here is how we do it.

To empower partners and help transform their marketing outreach practices, we have further strengthened Extreme’s industry-leading partner marketing hub, Partner Marketing and Campaign Center (PMCC). Through PMCC, we ensure every touchpoint a partner has with a customer is personalized, relevant, timely, and connected.


Learn how to engage with customers and help build your business with Extreme.

PMCC was built on the foundation of enabling our channel partners with informed content, marketing automation, and proven campaigns to help them successfully engage with customers. In turn, prospects become loyal customers, operating more effectively and efficiently, and our partners ultimately grow their business. As a result, we all advance together.

To start a campaign or for more information on PMCC, reach out to today!

If you are an Extreme Partner, Login to PMCC now.

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