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Extreme announces intent to acquire Infovista’s Ipanema SD-WAN business

Ed Meyercord President and Chief Executive Officer Published 10 Aug 2021

Hello to the customers of Extreme Networks and Ipanema,

It’s been an exciting 2021 for Extreme! After 25 years in business, we are in the strongest competitive position we’ve ever been in. Our growth is accelerating and we are thankful to our customers and partners for your business and your loyalty.

For those who don’t know us well, we are one of the fastest growing cloud-driven networking companies with more than 50,000 customers around the globe, spanning various industries. We’re a pioneer in networking and are the second largest cloud-managed provider in the space. We’ve earned a reputation for high quality and high-performance networks, for top-notch in-house services and support, and are consistently ranked #1 versus our larger competitors by independent third-party analysts like Gartner.

On the heels of a record-breaking quarter and fiscal year, where we introduced several innovative cloud management capabilities and cutting edge wired and wireless technologies, we’re excited to share we’ve announced our intent to acquire Infovista’s Ipanema SD-WAN business. This technology will allow us to expand our market leading ExtremeCloudTM portfolio with new cloud-managed SD-WAN and security offerings that help to reduce complexity in operating and managing increasingly distributed networks.

The way people work, connect, and interact has become more fluid and highly distributed, further extending the edge of the network and in turn creating the Infinite Enterprise. Extreme’s solutions power the Infinite Enterprise by leveraging a scalable cloud infrastructure to extend the connectivity required to power consumer-centric experiences anywhere and everywhere.

Ipanema’s cloud-managed solution automatically and dynamically adjusts application traffic flows based on real-time network conditions, which increases performance and improves quality of experience for end-users and delivers savings for the business.  We plan to expand upon these capabilities to establish an infinitely distributed (SD-WAN) and secure solution within the ExtremeCloud portfolio. This added flexibility, capability, and security when connecting locations, applications, and devices, will enable us to provide the best possible experience to you and to your customers, wherever you are in your journey toward the Infinite Enterprise.

We anticipate closing the acquisition before mid-October. Throughout this process, we will ensure that our current customers have all the access to and award-winning support for your existing Extreme solutions, with more options to come in our ExtremeCloud platform as we bring Ipanema’s capabilities into the fold. Likewise, Ipanema customers will enjoy continued seamless access to the innovative solutions you have come to expect, with many more exciting options from Extreme as we complete the acquisition. You can learn more about our planned acquisition and the Infinite Enterprise here. Please reach out to your Extreme or Ipanema representative with any questions you may have.

We appreciate that your network is critical to your success and we look forward to advancing together into the Infinite Enterprise.

Best regards,

Ed Meyercord

President & CEO, Extreme Networks

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