Congratulations to the 2022 X-Factor Customer Award Winners

Adam Riglian Customer Reference Manager Published 6 Jun 2022

Connect is here and Extreme is proud to recognize the winners of the 2022 X-factors Customer Awards. This award recognizes our most innovative customers whose work has delivered a better outcome for their organization.

The 2022 X-factor Customer Award nominees were evaluated by Extreme Networks employees and winners were chosen based on innovation, demonstrated value, and unique problem-solving. This year’s winners have achieved tremendous results for their organizations in partnership with Extreme and are perfect examples of what we mean when we say “New Ways, Better Outcomes.”

2022 X-Factor Customer Award Winners


Brisa is the largest private road operator in Portugal. They are also pioneers of intelligent motorways through their Via Verde ecosystem. This enables everything from automated tolls and geolocated parking to smart payments at service stations and restaurant drive-thrus. They partner with Extreme to provide secure connectivity that ensures their customers have a reliable experience wherever they go.

Brisa X-Factor Customer Award Winner

Baylor University

Baylor University is both a major research university with 20,000 students and a sports powerhouse. This university has been an innovator in the classroom and on the playing field, with major projects conducted at 45,000-seat McLane Stadium and the Ferrell Center, a 10,000-seat arena, bringing the best possible campus experience for students.

Baylor X-Factor Customer Award Winne

Loudoun County

Loudoun County is the third-largest county in Virginia, northwest of Washington D.C. It’s a mix of urban and rural environments encompassing nearly 500,000 people. The county’s IT team has delivered a uniform experience for every citizen in the county supported by a secure, resilient network. Loudoun’s network is foundational to supporting all aspects of county government, including critical public safety services and COVID vaccination centers.

Loudoun County X-Factor Customer Award Winne

Georgia Ports Authority

The Georgia Ports Authority represents the third-largest port in the US and one of the fastest-growing in North America. GPA has major growth plans and needed a network that was an enabler, not a barrier. They partnered with Extreme to implement new wireless, giving them the network support needed to upgrade their terminal operating system and embrace new automation initiatives to load, unload and move cargo in and out of the ports by truck and rail.

Georgia Ports X-Factor Customer Award Winne

University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

UNC-Chapel Hill is one of the most innovative universities in the country. Their IT team is always pushing the boundaries of what is possible with Extreme’s technology, and that dedication is why they have created one of the best campus experiences for their massive, 30,000-plus student body.

UNC X-Factor Customer Award Winne

Congratulations again to this year’s winners! If you have an interesting story to share, be sure to keep an eye out for the 2023 X-Factor Awards to submit.

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