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Cloud Equips Local Government for a Better, More Easily Managed Future

Lauren Farah Manager, Vertical Solutions Marketing Published 18 Feb 2021

2020 will be remembered as one of the most difficult years in human history. The pandemic essentially brought the world to a screeching halt, forcing federal, state, and local government organizations to come up with creative solutions to help keep the world turning from a distance. Thankfully, advancements in cloud technology made it possible to power through these monumental challenges, making it the year’s knight in shining armor.

At the start of this new year we surveyed more than 200 global state and local government IT leaders to learn why they are ramping up their cloud-driven networking strategies to address the exponential demand for remote access. 84% of survey participants stated their networks were not currently managed in the cloud. However, 66% said that COVID-19 had impacted their network plans for the future. Though the pandemic is showing signs of slowing down, remote working seems to have solidified itself into work culture for the foreseeable future. Having an advanced, secure, and functional cloud managed network is now an absolute necessity for large organizations, so that employees can remain productive under any circumstances.

Cloud is also a key component to increasing profitability. Our survey found that decreased revenue was one of the most severe consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic and forced many officials to delay or shut down future plans and projects. Many respondents commented that their lack of cloud capabilities prevented projects and initiatives from proceeding. Inactivity, no matter how long it may be, can cause massive setbacks for large-scale projects, which then result in lost funding. Cloud managed networking can allow the workflow to continue seamlessly under any circumstance.

The survey was able to provide insights from the 15% of government participants that are currently utilizing cloud managed networking. When asked why they decided to move their IT network to the cloud, 68% stated it was to increase agility, and 54% commented that it enabled better access to resources from any location. This small percentage of government agencies that were prepared for 2020’s unthinkable situation highlights the importance of adopting the cloud for IT management. The world was not expecting a global pandemic, but the silver lining is that it shifted our priorities, created new opportunities, and improved our preparedness for a better, more easily managed future.

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