Roger Lapuh

Director, Product Management

Roger Lapuh currently holds a role as Director Product Management for Ethernet Switching at Extreme Networks. In this position he is focusing on Fabric Switching and next generation networking technologies.
In recent years Roger spent a lot of time helping expand Extreme Network’s lead on Ethernet Fabric technology based on IEEE 802.1aq (Shortest Path Bridging), where Roger has co-authored, with other exponents of the industry, several IETF drafts as well as related patents, that simplify network operations significantly.
In addition, his key achievements include the introduction of a Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation Switch Clustering solutions (a.k.a. SMLT/RSMLT/MSMLT) in 2001, which has been widely deployed worldwide and copied by most competitors since then. He is a holder of several patents in this and other areas.
Roger started his Product Line Management career in Silicon Valley in 1999 at Nortel, where he became PLM for the ERS 8600 platform, before he moved back to Switzerland from where he currently executes his global PLM role.
Prior to this Roger was working for several years in a Corporate Systems Engineering role in EMEA for Bay Networks.
Roger also held roles as Director Marketing and Product Management Business Markets at a Communications Service Provider, as well as a team lead for a network engineering team at a Swiss data systems integrator where he was responsible for large scale network deployments including several for the Swiss financial sector.
Roger holds a master’s degree in Electronic Engineering from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. He is married and has two children.