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Another Day, Another RDC

Bill Lundgren Director, Product Management for Cloud Operations and Architecture Published 13 Nov 2020

ExtremeCloud IQ is growing!  We now have 15 public Regional Data Centers (RDC) operating around the world.  In October, we added a new Azure RDC in Toronto, Canada!  (Eh?).

ExtremeCloud IQ’s cloud-agnostic architecture allows us to support all three major cloud providers, including AWS, Google GCP, and Azure. Canada is our most recent Azure addition, joining Iowa and Switzerland. 

This new Canadian RDC is available to any customer who desires to have their data stored in Canada. 

We are also planning to add another Azure RDC in the Middle East in January 2021.  This RDC will be in Dubai and will support customers who desire a middle east presence for their data. 

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