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A #NewNormal in Networking

Alexandra Gates Director, Product Marketing Published 22 May 2020

We’ve heard the term New Normal before. It implies that “something which was previously abnormal has become commonplace.”1 And in the realm of COVID-19, we’ve all experienced some kind of shift in our daily lives to accommodate the conditions and changes happening around the world. Whether you’re working remotely for the first time, homeschooling kids, shopping with masks, etc., these adjustments are beginning to seem normal.

As adjustments are made personally, organizations and businesses are also having to determine how to move forward in a COVID-19 world. Companies must prepare to support the demands that this new normal will impose – things like contact tracing, ‘people counter’ requirements, and bring your office home (BYOH) are going to become commonplace terms. Organizations will have to adjust to increases in mobile devices in more unsecure locations, more cloud applications, more video (even from within the office), and ultimately a more agile workforce.

And in a world with so many uncertainties, Extreme knows one thing is definite – networking is the foundation for both current and post COVID-19 operations. We know that the new normal is built on even more distributed connectivity, which demands even better centralized management. As we rotate to more data, coming from more places, more connected devices, and more cloud-based applications, we see the cloud being a fundamental part of this shifting new normal.

In order to effectively scale, cloud is the only answer. However, relying on just any old cloud won’t cut it. Organizations will need a cloud platform that delivers infinite 9s of uptime, dependable and durable data over a longer time perspective, and the industry’s best and latest security protocols. That only comes with a 4th generation cloud – and Extreme is the only one who has one.

The #newnormal needs a network that’s anything but normal. That is where Extreme can help.



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