UNH Benefits From Enhanced Analytics and Optimized Application Performance – A Purview Case Study

UNH IT is always looking to improve the experience of their end-users and explore ways of making better use of their existing network resources.  In becoming a beta test site for Extreme Networks Purview, they were interested in getting more detailed insight into not only how their network was being utliized, but also which applications were being used throughout the network.

Purview’s ‘Shadow IT’ capabilities allow them to monitor the applications that are being used and analyze those that aren’t on the university’s approved list. This doesn’t just identify non-compliant applications, but also indicates why the approved applications are not being used. Not only can this proactively identify potential security flaws, it can also help UNH IT determine whether their approved applications are meeting the needs of their users.  This will help the university in budget planning for the upcoming year and also provide insight into bandwidth and application usage throughout campus, whether it is in a dormitory or the during a hockey game at the Whittemore Arena.

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