Eufaula High School Powers State-of-the-Art Athletic Facility with Extreme Networks Solutions


Founded in 1872, Eufaula City Schools is the oldest city school district in Alabama. Eufaula City Schools offers students and teachers the best in public education, including academics, enrichment programs, and technical opportunities. The district is comprised of Eufaula Early Learning Center, Eufaula Primary School, Eufaula Elementary School, Admiral Moorer Middle School and Eufaula High School, home to the esteemed Eufaula Tigers athletic facility.

Along with its robust athletics program which includes baseball, basketball and football teams, Eufaula High School o ers students a robust set of programs including enrichment electives, credit recovery, robotics and its award-winning Career Academy. Named a U.S. News and World Report Top 100 school, Eufaula High School provides students with original programs and choices that will prepare them for college, and features one of the most comprehensive interscholastic athletic programs in the state.

One of the Top Athletic Centers in Alabama

This past year, Eufaula High School underwent a 3.2 million dollar project to construct a state-of-the-art indoor practice facility for student athletes, funded entirely by the school district. The facility, which serves approximately 200- 250 student athletes every day, took 18 months to complete. The main goal
of the project was to transform its new athletic facility into a technologically advanced hub to encourage optimal student athlete performances, which was reliant on having a strong wired and wireless deployment in place. With features like retractable batting cages, weight racks equipped with iPads for fitness monitoring and water fountains that measure each athlete’s fluid intake, Eufaula needed a partner that could install customized, reliable wireless solutions to power the facility and its many unique features.

After experiencing prolonged connectivity and reliability issues with its network provider, Eufaula’s IT Director, Todd Watkins, began searching for a new partner to support the project. Watkins heard about Extreme Networks’ close relationship with the NFL, and the many stadiums the company has equipped with high-density Wi-Fi solutions, so he invited Extreme representatives to survey Eufaula High School.

No More Clipboards or Paper

With a limited IT staff consisting of just three people, Watkins knew that Eufaula needed a solutions provider that could connect the athletic facility with full- coverage, and o er 24/7 support given the nature of the student users expecting uninterrupted wireless connections at all times. Extreme’s willingness to show
up on site and walk Watkins’ team through the entire process, coupled with the company’s ongoing support maintenance and investment in making their products work well, was enough to convince him.

Eufaula High School partnered with Synergetics throughout the installation process, as they spoke highly of Extreme’s track record working across athletic, education and hospitality industries. Synergetics has been supporting K-12 technology initiatives for over 25 years and “Eufaula’s Athletic Facility has been one of the most exciting projects thus far.” Synergetics’ certified technical staff installed sectional antennas, access points, and cables across the sports facility to direct wireless coverage throughout 100 percent of the facility, eliminating any co-channel overlap and interference.

With the wireless implementation underway, Athletic Director and Head Football Coach Bryan Moore of Eufaula High School was able to conduct online workouts.

“We can use the facility’s connected cameras to lm athletes during practice, and then replay the footage to help students visualize and hone in on their areas for improvement,” said Moore.

The entire athletic facility is a BYOD zone, which allows students to use their Eufaula-issued devices, or bring their own from home to download films and practice videos that they can view from anywhere. Through a unique combination of wearables and manual data entry, coaches can track each athlete’s progress, including weight lifting goals, meal plans and video systems that break down and monitor progress.

Paint the District Purple

The benefits of the connected athletic facility have expanded to the Eufaula High School campus, as Extreme’s solutions are now being introduced into the classroom. Four interior classrooms in the back of the school building had an unreliable wireless connection for years, which left teachers struggling to prepare lesson plans, and students to complete assignments when the network was down. Eufaula installed ExtremeWireless throughout these classrooms and both teachers and students saw improvement immediately, as everyone was able to stream content at the same rate across a stable, secure network.

Many students across Eufaula, Alabama do not have Internet access at home. With Extreme’s wired and wireless solutions being installed throughout the school’s developing K-12 1:1 learning environment, students will be able to stream video for educational purposes, and participate in online tutoring sessions. Eufaula is streamlining its learning program by looking at the specific applications and devices students are using to create personalized learning environments. Additionally, Eufaula High School’s robotics program and its new College and Career Academy are entirely supported by Extreme solutions, and are standardized with Extreme’s network management, according to Watkins.

Eufaula City Schools’ goal is to enter into a greater “learning management system” with a focus on online learning, including online testing and mobile applications. Eufaula hopes to adopt this system across all four of its schools, with Eufaula High School taking the lead and serving as an example for the other locations.

“With Extreme’s solutions, we are discovering more ways to use technology than ever before. Extreme is quite literally the infrastructure behind the success of our athletic facility and reliable wireless connection in classrooms. We want Eufaula High School’s successful implementation to serve as a model for the rest of
the district, as we’d like to roll out a complete refresh of our entire district with Extreme’s products,” praises Watkins.

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