Autonomous Enterprise

Delivering the Promise of Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation.

It’s the coveted-yet-elusive prize that today’s businesses have been chasing, driven by promises of greater efficiencies, economies, and outcomes in every corner of the organization. However, one of the biggest hurdles to unlocking digital transformation’s revolutionary potential is the over-extended, under-delivering corporate network.

Enter Extreme Networks and our vision for the future: the Autonomous Enterprise.


An autonomous enterprise is a network that automatically and intelligently self-drives and self-optimizes, enabling organizations to deliver new and improved experiences to everyone it touches.


It’s a network that can automatically detect and correct errors. A network that baselines user and device behaviors and implements policy controls when it sees a deviation. A network that understands what the business-critical applications and experiences are, and automatically optimizes around them.

Complete Freedom

It’s far more than just artificial intelligence, machine learning, and gold-standard security: it’s freedom. Freedom to connect with customers, employees, students and patients in new and meaningful ways while the network runs itself.

Why an Autonomous Enterprise?

Because at Extreme, we believe that the network is the gateway to reaping the myriad benefits of digital transformation. This means replacing the restrictive, error-prone networks of today and relieving the overburdened IT teams tasked with “finding and fixing” problems instead of “empowering and enabling” people and connections.

The Intersection of Technology and Human Experience

Enterprises. Retailers. Schools and colleges. Government agencies. Healthcare providers. An autonomous enterprise from Extreme allows these and other types of organizations to challenge the status quo and provide truly impactful, next-generation human experiences to their users.

Saving Lives

Connect a medivac chopper to the doctors on the helipad or monitor the IV pumps that keep a patient alive. Meter pill distribution and track volumetrics for care quality comparison.

Protecting People & Property

Add facial recognition software for door locks and geofencing that flags unrecognized faces. Deploy IP cameras in public transportation and other venues to enhance security and spot missing or kidnapped children.

Improving Educational Outcomes

Enable a connected classroom that helps children overcome learning challenges through supportive software and monitors attendance to proactively keep at-risk students engaged in education.

Ensuring Critical Deliveries

A donated heart gets to the operating room precisely on schedule. A child’s birthday present shipped from across the globe arrives as promised. Autonomous enterprises make “mission-critical” happen.

Refining Customer Experiences

Deliver next-level customer care and create personalized shopping experiences that grow sales and loyalty, even if the perfect dress is in a store 3,000 miles away.

Personalizing the Learning Experience

Creating experiences beyond the classroom. Access to student and teacher devices, whether they are 1:1 or BYOD. Connectivity can be assured throughout the campus, and learning experiences tailored to each student.

Extreme Elements

Learn how Extreme can transform your future with Extreme Elements: the customizable building blocks that bring the autonomous network to life.

What will you do with all that extra time?

Imagine what you could do with a few extra hours each day when you don’t have to spend time managing the network. Would you spend more time developing new growth strategies? Listening to your customers? Brainstorming new ideas with co-workers?

This is Extreme Network’s vision of the digitally transformed future, and the autonomous enterprise can take you there.