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Extreme Networks Delivers Simple, Flexible and Scalable Solutions to Healthcare Organizations

Improve Clinical Efficiency

Promote greater clinical efficiency and secure, responsive connectivity for the tools clinicians need to deliver life-critical patient care.
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Enhance Patient Care

Transform the patient experience by unifying the wide array of technology touchpoints across the continuum of care.
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Safeguard Patient Data

Build the network on a secure cloud that is ISO 27001/27701/27017 and CSA-STAR certified, SOC 2 & GDPR compliant.
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The Benefits of Extreme Solutions for Healthcare

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Enhance Patient, Clinician and Guest Experience

Cloud applications and digital solutions are a necessity for today’s healthcare organizations. Network connectivity failures can disrupt care, hinder clinician productivity, and reduce patient trust, tarnishing a hospital’s reputation. Healthcare systems can avoid disruptions and improve patient satisfaction by ensuring continuous access to Wi-Fi and critical applications and providing an exceptional experience for patients, clinicians, and guests.

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    • Universal Wireless provides always-on access from any device
    • ExtremeCloud IQ provides time-saving operational efficiencies to IT teams
    • SD-WAN provides the best possible experience for applications whether in the cloud or data center

  • "Everything we do at Cordaan is focused on giving our patients the most comfortable experience as well as the most advanced treatments and care. As our network is central to achieving this, we need a secure, agile, and resilient cloud infrastructure to cope with increased demand from thousands of personal and medical devices so our visitors and staff can continue to experience reliable connectivity.”

    Rob Bergfeld, Managed ICT Services, Cordaan

  • “The new Wi-Fi 6E APs from Extreme enable us to tap into a fast, secure, and interference-free spectrum, ensuring our most demanding and mission-critical, technology-dependent services can operate more reliably and with greater speed and performance.”

    Rob Hale, Manager of Infrastructure and Technical Engineering, Novant Health

Enable Operational Efficiency

The network is a strategic asset for healthcare organizations, primarily because it plays a pivotal role in addressing the challenges and issues that have recently plagued the healthcare industry including clinical and IT staffing shortages. Cloud networking solutions enable operational efficiency in the healthcare industry by serving as the technological backbone that seamlessly connects disparate systems, facilitates data integration, and supports critical processes.

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    • Universal Wired and Wireless reduces risk and complexity across hospitals and clinics. 
    • Unified management simplifies operations of wired, wireless, SD-WAN, 3rd party and IoT devices. 
    • ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot delivers AIOps capabilities, empowering IT with proactive insights and faster problem resolution. 
    • Extreme Fabric unifies, automates and secures the network from the data center to the hospital and to the clinic. 

  • "With ExtremeCloud IQ, we’re able to see a dashboard of the network, we’re able to make changes quickly on the fly, we’re able to keep our firmware updated. We’re not technically held back by anything."

    Kevin Andrade, Director of Operations, Prima CARE

  • “Dynamically orchestrating the performance of our business applications over our WAN, which is made possible by [ExtremeCloud SD-WAN], is one of the pillars of our digital transformation. It allows us to improve the experience of donors while controlling our operating costs."

    Josep Sans, Grifols, Global Network Manager

Drive Data-driven Decision Making for Medical Innovation

Enabling data-driven decision making for medical innovation involves leveraging data, analytics, and actionable insights to better understand network performance. The process of gathering, parsing, and analyzing generalized data while protecting patient privacy can help healthcare organizations find ways to improve patient care, increase efficiencies, strengthen privacy protection, and adopt advanced medical technologies. 

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    • Universal Wireless with ExtremeCloud IQ enables asset tracking and location insights.
    • ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot helps operations better understand network performance and provides Explainable ML for actionable insights.
    • SD-WAN provides application performance management.

  • "Wireless security visibility is paramount in the rapidly growing IoT hospital environment. Henry Ford Health System has chosen Extreme AirDefense as its wireless intrusion prevention and detection platform to protect its airspace comprised of thousands of mobile devices. AirDefense provides us visibility into both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth/BLE devices, empowering our team with a single, proven solution to quickly detect and react to security event.”

    Ali Youssef, Senior Clinical Mobile Solutions Architect, Henry Ford Health System

  • "Extreme Fabric Connect enabled us to easily assign devices to an island within our network and let them have the complete management of their own environment, without interfering in any possible way with the hospital’s operations. And that functionality is infinitely scalable – we can accommodate virtually any number of such implementations.”

    Kurt Gielen, IT Manager at the Ziekenhuis Oost-Limburg.

Strengthen Patient Data Protection and Compliance

Data security has become especially critical to the healthcare industry as patient privacy hinges on HIPAA compliance and secure adoption of electronic health records (EHR). Bad actors can exploit public data networks to steal electronic health records or disrupt critical IT systems and services. By implementing patient data protection and compliance solutions, healthcare organizations can protect data in transit, defend infrastructure against denial-of-service (DoS) attacks, and ensure compliance with HIPAA and other data privacy regulations across the globe. 

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