High-Value Networking for Higher Education

With Extreme Networks, you can have a smart network that supports the high-value education experience
today’s college and university students require.

A Network for Modern Learning

Prime your institution for the best user experience with a flexible network supercharged with automation, data analytics, machine learning and powerful cloud management.

Visibility & Control

Armed with visibility and newfound control, IT staff become free to truly support users across the network whether they are instructors administering LMS or students submitting an assignment.

Education for IT

Relevant, affordable training on cutting-edge topics keeps you up-to-date and empowered to easily adopt and support new technologies and trends as they happen.

Why ExtremeCloud IQ For Higher Education?

See for yourself how Extreme Networks end-to-end cloud-driven networking technology delivers the flexible, agile, scalable, and intelligent solutions to support your unique and complex education institution.


Advance Your Learning Outcomes with Us

Extreme Networks provides the technology to enable high-value networking for higher education.

Wi-Fi Connectivity

Advanced, high-density wireless technology designed to exceed the needs of students and staff and connect all users, devices, and IoT things.

Cloud-Enabled Network Management

Cloud infrastructure delivering the reliability, scalability, security, and intelligent applications required for student-centered education networks.

Security Across the Network: IoT, BYOD, and Beyond

Simplified, agile, and resilient infrastructure to optimize network performance, streamline processes, and reduce the risk of human error across multiple data centers.

Robust, Flexible, Cloud-Managed PoE Switching

PoE network switching solutions power a range of campus environments and their connected devices with built-in cloud-managed functionality for greater IT efficiency.

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Trusted to Deliver the Connected Campus

Colleges and universities around the world have chosen Extreme to advance their learning experience.

Baylor University
"This generation is all about their device and they need to be connected. And we have to find the technologies that satisfy that need. The technology is just a given for me with Extreme. I expect them and have witnessed them being leaders in many categories."

Bob Hartland
Associate VP for IT Infrastructure, Baylor University Texas, USA

University of Management and Technology
"The quality of the Extreme Networks solution means we can focus on our faculty and students and their learning needs."

Nguyên Ngọc Nguyên
Director of the Office of Administration, University of Management and Technology Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Manukau Institute of Technology
"With a stable network in place, less downtime and easier management and deployment, our team is able to focus on delivering incremental improvements and innovation across the institute to demonstrate significant benefits throughout our organization -- especially our staff and students."

Jenna Woolley
Executive General Manager, Technology, Manukau Institute of Technology Auckland, New Zealand

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