Extreme Networks Security Solutions

Smart, comprehensive security without complexity

What’s needed? Security for the Digital Era

The frequency and sophistication of malicious, cybersecurity attacks only continue to increase. Help protect your organization by gaining visibility and control over your connected users, devices and applications, segmenting your network with ease and scale and creating a holistic security eco-system through integration with best of breed security vendors.

Traditional Networking

Extreme Networks

Open Eco-system

Extreme Networks believes that no one vendor can solve security on its own. That’s why Extreme provides validated integration with best of breed security vendors through APIs. This holistic approach to security enables you to automate workflows based on alerts received from third party security solutions for a coordinated response to any anomalies or threats.

Unbreakable in Hack-a-thon Events

Extreme Fabric Connect with its hyper-segmentation and stealth (or dark) networking features combined with policy-based control provide an inherently secure network environment that has been proven impenetrable in numerous hack-a-thon events in top US universities, government agencies and in public events.

Security Automation

Extreme Networks security solutions can be automated so that as users and devices connect to the network their assigned policy authorizes them and triggers the creation of an end to end secure network segment dynamically. This level of automation enables you to empower non-technical staff to connect and move their IoT devices securely without assistance.

Trends in Cybersecurity and Practical Steps to Protect Yourself

Extreme Security Solutions

Gain control over your end points

Apply granular controls over who, what, when, where and how endpoints are allowed on the network.

Eliminate Shadow IT

Know what applications are running on your network. Throttle or block shadow IT

Create a security eco-system

No one vendor can solve security on its own. That’s why Extreme offers an open eco-system.

Simple IoT security for mission critical end points

Segment and apply policies with ease to your mission critical IoT devices.

Segment the network

Isolate and protect your critical information, assets and devices with scalable, easy to deploy network segments

Ensure wireless security and compliance

Monitor and protect your wireless network against attacks 24x7x365

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