Creating Sustainable Livelihoods: Extreme Works with AIF to Improve Lives for India’s Underprivileged

Extreme employees in Bangalore and Chennai are at the forefront of creating positive social change by volunteering their time with the American India Foundation's (AIF) Livelihood Program. The program provides sustainable job opportunities to marginalized communities in India and our Giving Champions have been instrumental in its success.

The American India Foundation is a nonprofit American organization working in India. It is one of the largest secular, non-partisan American organizations supporting development work in India. AIF is committed to improving the lives of India's underprivileged, with a special focus on women, children and youth.

In 2019, Extreme established a philanthropic partnership with AIF. Katy Motiey, who serves as our Chief Administrative and Sustainability Officer, played a crucial role in the decision-making process. According to Katy, "We chose AIF because of the prominence and compassion of its leaders within and outside of India, and the outstanding work they have undertaken for the most underprivileged people of India on a day-to-day basis."

Many of our employees have volunteered their time, energy and resources toward creating positive social change through the AIF Livelihood Program. The program is focused on empowering women and disabled people, who often face significant challenges in finding job opportunities in India.

By offering training in grooming, business language, communication and computer skills in sectors such as retail and hospitality, Extreme and the Livelihood program have helped over 200 individuals to receive training and 150 candidates find employment.

To ensure the success of the Livelihood Program, Extreme and AIF had to overcome significant challenges. These challenges included identifying the right people for the program, providing intense counseling to secure enrollment, motivating participants to stay in the program, providing individualized skill set training and matching trained talent with suitable employers.

In March of this year, local leadership in Extreme's Bangalore office had the opportunity to attend a graduation ceremony for Livelihood program graduates. "It was very touching to see the genuine happiness and gratitude on the face of the people who were trained by AIF under this program and also assisted in finding jobs," said Mandanna Kadiyamada, Director of Real Estate & Facilities for Extreme Bangalore.

AIF Livlihood Program Graduates, March 2023

AIF Livelihood Program Graduates, March 2023

Extreme employees have also collaborated with and provided funding to AIF for remarkable programs like the Digital Equalizer Initiative, which helps bridge the digital and educational divide for students throughout India by providing technology-based learning in government schools. Employees have volunteered at participating schools to lead activities like teaching students English communication skills. AIF and Extreme’s involvement at these schools has driven commendable results in improving teacher training and program quality, increasing attendance, and reducing the dropout rate.

As part of its commitment to making a difference in the communities where it operates, Extreme is set to hold its third annual Day of Giving on May 9th, 2023. The event encourages employees to volunteer with various charitable organizations, including AIF's Livelihoods Program. Many employees are expected to participate and join AIF's other volunteers in creating a positive social impact for marginalized communities in India.


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