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How MLB Scored Another Homerun With Extreme’s Cloud Infrastructure

Jimmy Serrano Field and Channel Marketing Manager at Extreme Networks Published 19 Aug 2021

America’s National Pastime may bring feelings of nostalgia to many fans across the country, but even MLB is exploring the wide capabilities of cloud networking. Major League Baseball has partnered with Extreme to bring advanced networking capabilities for fans, stadium employees, and even players to enjoy. Ballpark visitors can use public Wi-Fi to stay connected during the game, and employees can serve attendees more efficiently using digital technology for sales and customer service. Players are also reaping the benefits of cloud connectivity, using real-time metrics collected from the network to analyze performance during games.

Seth Lane quote from connect session

Extreme’s Vice President of Sales, John Brams, recently took part in a discussion with  MLB’s SethLane, who currently runs network infrastructure for the entire league. In this session, MLB and Extreme – The IT Approach Beyond Game Day, the two network experts talk at length about how cloud networking has changed the daily operations of baseball as a whole, and how the organizations manage thousands of fans at once with the support of Extreme Cloud IQ. Lane also highlights the ways MLB stadiums use infinite enterprise technology to streamline operations.

Now that baseball is officially back in full swing, MLB is ready to play ball with advanced cloud networking in the spotlight. With reliable coverage, automation, data analytics, and a simplistic control centre, Extreme’s partnership with the MLB makes any baseball game a homerun experience.

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