Fabric Connect

Delivering a More Unified, Automated, and Secure Enterprise Network 

Extreme Fabric Securely ties One Network together

Extreme Fabric

Highly scalable, end-to-end solution that has been installed in thousands of customer networks.

Inherent Automation

Built-in automation that streamlines network deployment and operations.

Secure Network

Framework that isolates network services and protects against network breaches.

A New Way to Build Networks

The modern enterprise demands network agility, scalability, and security—but without the complexity. Extreme Fabric Connect provides a Unified, Automated, and Secure network solution that extends across multiple locations and device types, as well as streamlining deployments while isolating threats.

Provide a unified solution that extends to any location -- whether data center, campus, SD-WAN, or branch—independent of topology.

Extreme's industry-leading fabric is a self-forming and self provisioning solution for 10s of thousands of switches across a single fabric infrastructure.

A standard-based unified solution that is highly scalable and can extend across multiple locations, third-party devices and third-party standard-based fabrics.

Zero-touch onboarding and auto-sensing of Extreme switches and Extreme access points (APs) further speed fabric deployment.

Segment and protect the network with a stealth design that blocks lateral movement and prevents network breaches