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What is IP Fabric Solution

What’s Needed? Networking without the complexity

Organizations undergoing digital transformation require a more flexible and easy to implement network infrastructure to ensure business agility and to deliver a competitive advantage. Network Fabric solutions meet a broad range of different customer requirements, Extreme Networks offers best in class solutions to transform both Data Center and Campus networks.

Fabric Networking For Dummies

Let us introduce you to the world of Fabric Networking. In this comprehensive complimentary eBook you’ll discover what fabric networking is, how it began, where it is currently being used, and wonder why you have yet to implement fabric on your network.

Download your free copy today and start exploring the advantages of fabric networking and the underlying protocols and technologies that support it.

Extreme Networks IP Fabric

Extreme Data Center Fabric provides optimal data center network underlays for organizations and service providers undergoing digital transformation. Agile, plug-n-play automation and easy to scale up or out, Extreme data center fabric can adapt quickly to changes in traffic flows, packet sizes, and protocols while enabling the the necessary underlay network for server and network virtualization.

Extreme Networks Fabric Connect

Extreme Fabric Connect provides a simpler, more agile and inherently secure network for campus and branch environments. Delivering faster network changes, increased stability, high performance multicast, and unified wired and wireless networking, Fabric Connect transforms enterprise networking.

Benefits of Extreme Networks Fabric Solutions

Breadth of Solutions

With Extreme, customers can choose the Fabric solution that best suits their desired use case and network requirements. Whether you are a customer who is looking for campus or data center transformation, plug and play simplicity or programmability, automation and customization, Extreme has the solutions for you.

Single Integrated Tool Set

One of the unique values of Extreme is that it offers a single operational model that extends from the wired/ wireless edge to the Data Center and Multicloud – providing comprehensive management, policy and analytics for our fabric networking solutions. A single datastore between our management, policy and analytics offers operational efficiency with the opportunity to gain a true 360-degree view of the network.

Visibility from the Edge to Multi-Cloud

Extreme provides a unique end to end view of application flows that extend from the campus edge, into the Data Center, into the virtualized environment and even into multi-cloud environments, complementing agile, automated networking with deep insights into the network, applications and users.