Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Enable the Autonomous Enterprise

What’s needed? ML/AI Assisted Networking

The amount of data traversing over networks is so astronomical that it has become impossible for humans to process, analyze and act on it. Help your organization by utilizing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to harness the data and process it faster, smarter and more efficiently. As we embark on the Autonomous Enterprise era, ML/AI solutions can automate operations, enhance security and enrich the user experience.

Traditional Networking

ML/AI Assisted Networking

Benefits of Extreme Networks ML/AI Solutions

Proactive Operations

Extreme Networks revolutionizes the IT operations experience by providing automated, self-healing capabilities. It provides IT with proactive resolutions rather than the traditional reactive mode; freeing up time for IT to focus on value-add initiatives that supports their business’ objectives.

Enhance Automation

Extreme Networks leverages ML/AI to automate routine and monotonous tasks, such as configuration, optimization and troubleshooting. It gives humans the ability to focus on higher-level projects that require greater intelligence, creativity and decision-making.

Enrich User Experience

By detecting and correcting problems before they manifest themselves to the end user, Extreme Networks ML/AI solutions can greatly enhance the end-user experience and reduce the maintenance and troubleshooting burden on IT.

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Gartner: A Framework for Applying AI in the Enterprise Guide

Have you heard? Gartner estimates that a 15% increase in revenue growth can be anticipated if enterprises implement Artificial Intelligence technologies into their “lead to revenue” processes.