Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Explainable ML/AI with a Human Touch

Everyone has a story about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Talk of ML/AI is so prevalent in the industry that it’s hard to identify when it adds value or where it has a place in the story. Extreme’s approach is unique in the industry. We help organizations by not only utilizing the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to harness data and process it faster, smarter and more efficiently – but by making it understandable.
Extreme Networks explainable ML/AI builds trust by providing readable output of how insights were derived, enabling you to automate operations, enhance security and enrich user experiences with confidence.

Traditional ML/AI

Extreme ML/AI

Reduce Operational Risk and Enhance User Experiences

Expert Application

Extreme utilizes ML/AI only for the most complex problems which require complex data analysis, and which deliver the best value to businesses.

Explainable ML/AI

Extreme’s Explainable ML/AI algorithms are built with transparency to help you see, verify, and trust the recommendations behind the machine.

Unlimited Data

Extreme’s unlimited data duration delivers greater input for our ML/AI algorithms resulting in enhanced insights and ML/AI effectiveness.

Benefits of Extreme Networks ML/AI Solutions

Proactive Operations

Extreme Networks revolutionizes the IT operations experience by using Explainable ML/AI to proactively detect the network anomalies which generate the most noise. It provides IT with proactive resolutions rather than the traditional reactive mode; freeing up time for IT to focus on value-add initiatives that supports your business’ objectives.

Expert Guidance

Extreme enhances your support experience by arming you with the pertinent insights needed to address issues quickly and efficiently. The ability to see and verify network data, combined with automated data collection capabilities, ensures a seamless handoff with GTAC. The result is explainable support, faster time to resolution and increased user delight.

Enrich User Experience

By detecting and correcting problems before they manifest themselves to the end user, Extreme Networks ML/AI can greatly enhance the end-user experience and reduce the maintenance and troubleshooting burden on IT. More-so, the continuous development, input, and feedback process, ensures Extreme ML/AI delivers increased value every day.

Every Enterprise Network Needs a CoPilot

ExtremeCloud™ IQ CoPilot with Extreme Explainable ML/AI

Explain Yourself, Hal

Imagine if your network ML/AI was explainable, if it offered a clear evidence supporting its recommendations.

Gartner: A Framework for Applying AI in the Enterprise Guide

Have you heard? Gartner estimates that a 15% increase in revenue growth can be anticipated if enterprises implement Artificial Intelligence technologies into their “lead to revenue” processes.