Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Traditional ML/AI

Extreme ML/AI

Reduce Operational Risk and Enhance User Experiences

Expert Application

ML/AI can help you solve complex problems and analyze data to deliver the best value to your organization.

Explainable ML/AI

Explainable ML/AI algorithms are built with transparency to help you see, verify, and trust the recommendations behind the machine.

Enhanced Data

Store and use enhanced data to help ML/AI algorithms produce greater output and provide enhanced insights to increase effectiveness.

Benefits of Extreme ML/AI Solutions

Proactive Operations

Revolutionize your IT operations experience with explainable ML/AI to proactively detect network anomalies that generate the most noise. IT teams don’t have to default to typical reactive mode, with the right tools you can be more proactive to resolutions and free up time to focus on value-adding initiatives that support your organization’s objectives.

Expert Guidance

Enhance your support experience with expert assistance, arming you with useful insights that can help you address issues quickly and efficiently. You will be able to see and verify network data, automate data collection capabilities, and ensure a seamless handoff with GTAC. This support can help you decrease time to resolution and enhance user experience.

Enrich User Experience

Enhance the experience of everyone connected to your network and limit connectivity issues by detecting and correcting problems before the end user ever experiences them. With ML/AI you will reduce time spent troubleshooting errors and conducting network maintenance.

Everything at Once

Be Everywhere at Once, See Everything at Once, and Prepare for Anything with ExtremeCloud IQ CoPilot