A Pragmatic Approach to Automation

Automating at your own pace

What’s needed? Automation to drive autonomous networks

Networks are complex, and between connecting to high-powered data centers, spinning up a cloud deployment and ensuring constant connectivity – all while keeping costs down – networking teams are feeling the pressure. By implementing automation tools and practices, networks can better withstand modern workloads, provide a new level agility and speed, and cut costs.

Traditional Networking

Extreme Automated Networking

Benefits of Extreme Networks Automation

Make the network more dynamic

It’s time to rethink automation in the network. The goal for automation is to provide reliability of service delivery for the agile business. Fabric Automation ensures correct fabric and tenant provisioning and it’s built into the network, no extra server hardware needed. It simplifies complex fabric networks and eliminate human error while improving customer experience.

Reduce Errors

Implementing automation tools to reduce the number of humans is a bad idea. You’ll need humans to make network automation work. However, using Extreme Networks automation solutions to reduce the number of human errors is an excellent idea. Automating repetitive manual processes will minimize errors and help keep the network functioning at an optimal level.

Enable deeper Network Analysis

Network Automation enables more complex network analysis that correlates data from multiple sources, such as routers, switches, event logs, configuration files and IoT devices. This can provide deeper insights into performance utilization, security and resource allocation. With full automation that removes human intervention with the use of Machine Learning and AI Intelligence allowing the network to adapt as needed based on the analysis of data and information collected in context.