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Agile Data Center Networking Solutions

Network Agility Drives Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation Lives or Dies in the Data Center

The data center is at the heart of your enterprise network and the engine that powers new applications and business capabilities. But it can be complex and challenging to adapt and scale, requiring management of a wide range of skill sets and vendors. Extreme Networks’ Agile Data Center solutions deliver the automation, visibility, and flexibility needed to make digital transformation a reality.

The Traditional Data Center

Extreme Agile Data Center

Benefits of the Extreme Agile Data Center Solution

Simple to deploy at scale

Extreme fabric automation greatly eases your deployment for small networks or a single server room, enabling plug-n-play fabric networks in seconds, without an external server, and with data center automation you can configure all tenant services across an entire fabric for large networks in minutes, deliver consistent user experience, reducing complexity and saving time. Leverage Extreme Management Center end-to-end for your single user experience with realtime fabric visibility and establish a unified operational model for analytics. All this delivered with modular building blocks for 1 rack to 1000s of racks.

Integrated Application Hosting

Leverage onboard VM-based applications alongside the switch OS – all without impacting performance. This flexible and open solution enables organizations to deploy Extreme-provided or third-party applications and tools directly on the switch or router for security, monitoring, troubleshooting or extended network functionality – based on customer need – without a separate hardware device. This unique design does not impact the control and forwarding plane of the switch or router and provides dedicated CPUs, memory and SSD storage for flexible packet capture and off-line processing.

Adaptable to customer business needs

Combine event driven workflows across the compute, storage, network and services domains and automate at your own pace. Quickly change personas and enforce policy compliance across domains. With seamless virtual machine integration, you will easily manage a highly virtualized infrastructure that quickly adjusts to changing business needs. With unmatched visibility across public and private clouds you will master end point capacity and performance planning.

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