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The healthcare industry is facing persistent challenges, including clinical and IT staffing shortages, budget constraints, and increasing cybersecurity threats, which are negatively impacting patient care and clinical productivity. However, a recent study conducted by Extreme Networks, Inc. in partnership with HIMSS shows that by investing in network modernization and visibility, healthcare organizations can improve IT staff productivity, reduce risks, and implement advanced software applications to provide better care to their patients. This research whitepaper, "Emerging from the COVID Pandemic," presents the findings of the study, which polled 100 healthcare executives and IT/tech decision-makers in the US and provides valuable insights into the challenges faced by healthcare organizations today.

The White Paper reveals several key findings that impact healthcare organizations:

  • Organizations feel the impact of staffing and budget shortages, with the clinical staffing shortage being most impactful for organizations between 2,500-14,999 employees.
  • IT staffing shortages significantly impact clinical productivity, with delays in project completion, longer time to complete routine IT tasks, and increased resolution time on errors and issues.
  • Cyberattacks are on the rise, forcing organizations to prioritize security.
  • Healthcare organizations are realizing the importance of technology investments, with cybersecurity and advanced software applications being the highest priorities for investment.

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