Critical National Facility Streamlines Operations with Fabric

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Ashdod Port is the biggest seaport in Israel and a major entry point for commerce and trade in the country, with more than 1.5 million containers handled by the port’s crew each year. Strategically located between Tel Aviv and the country’s major commercial centers and highways, Ashdod Port is considered the leading economic gateway to Israel. To maintain its strategic position in the heart of the Middle East, the seaport needed a comprehensive upgrade and restructuring of its network infrastructure.



  • Minimal downtime to reduce waiting times for shipments
  • Enhanced network security against frequent cyber threats
  • Infrastructure capable of supporting new advanced technologies
"This network knows how to provide a super-fast response – the information flows in the cloud at a rate of milliseconds, which is vital when you have to maneuver huge ships and hoist containers that weigh dozens of tons. In such an environment, it is absolutely critical to transfer information immediately. Extreme Fabric Connect is an ideal solution for this kind of implementation."
Sharon Ezra
Director of Strategic Customers Presale, Bezeq International

Extreme Solutions

  • Extreme Switching™
  • Extreme Fabric™
  • Extreme Wireless™



Enhanced Security

  • Fabric makes it easy to protect sensitive customer data through hyper segmentation
  • Upgraded data security and cyber protection system

Implementation Without Disruption

  • Seamless integration and implementation within 5-month time frame
  • Easy deployment kept Ashdod from having to pause any operations, which would have led to major revenue losses
  • Minimized downtime improves operational efficiency and safety

Single Cloud-based Network

  • Centralized command and control systems in line with managerial and operational requirements
  • Stable connectivity for hundreds of end users regardless of location or connection type
  • System speeds up to 20 times faster than previous network mean ships spend less time in port and trucks are released from port faster