Bowen Center Revamps Network Infrastructure to Enable Next-Generation Patient Care

Published 16 Oct 2019
Bowen Center is a leading provider of mental healthcare in northern Indiana, servicing 21 counties with nearly 1,300 staff. Focused on serving the community’s mental health and addiction needs, the Bowen Center is a patient-first organization that believes in a total care model that integrates mind, body, and spirit into treatment.

Technology Needs

  • Robust, reliable network infrastructure for connectivity across locations
  • Continuous uptime to empower clinicians and enable telemedicine
  • Complete visibility into the environment
  • Ease of management via automation capabilities


  • 20+% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 99.9% uptime
  • Enhanced care through telemedicine
  • Reestablished trust in IT
  • Simplified management across locations
  • More time for clinicians to practice

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