Maintaining Cybersecurity While Using Modern Technology

Government agencies around the world are looking to modernize their existing technology better to support the needs of citizens throughout their communities. Keeping up with evolving tech trends can be difficult, especially in government, where cybersecurity is always top of mind.

Cyber risks associated with modernization have often resulted in the slow adoption of new technologies in state and local governments, but not the Nevada Department of Transportation (NVDOT). NVDOT has been able to meet changing demands within their community and operate efficiently and cost-effectively while continuously finding ways to modernize and digitally transform.

Digital Transformation Initiatives

NVDOT has had to grow alongside the community they support to meet constantly changing demand levels. To do this, the IT team has undertaken multiple digital transformation initiatives to keep operations running smoothly and continue offering seamless digital services.

The team needed to build and maintain a solid network infrastructure to support the many digital transformation initiatives happening within the department. Ultimately, the team implemented Extreme Fabric to create a hyper-segmented, easy-to-manage, secure network design.

Learn how the team at NVDOT has been able to strategize their digital transformation with peace of mind that their fabric network would support them without disrupting business operations with this clip.

Another key component of digital transformation in the government space is planning ahead yet still leaving room for innovations and the evolution of technology. It can be hard to balance both and maintain security, but NVDOT navigated their transformation journey with the help of Extreme Networks.

Hear from the Chief Information Security Officer at NVDOT on how they are able to plan ahead and leave room for adapting to changes.

Network Visibility and Security Through Digital Transformation

As any kind of organization undergoes a digital transformation project, it always comes with risks and unknowns. This is why governments have often been seen as lagers in terms of updating technology. With so much confidential information and citizen data, it can be risky to make these types of updates and put all of that information at risk to hackers waiting for the moment it becomes vulnerable.

Learn more about how NVDOT was able to use Extreme Networks solutions to stay up to date with the latest technology while maintaining their security and network visibility.

Driving Better Outcomes with Extreme Networks

In government, it is all about finding a solution that will help guide your team towards the right outcomes that you are striving towards. Governments around the world are looking at ways to achieve their goals and find new ways to create better outcomes for their communities.

Watch this clip to hear how NVDOT was able to drive better outcomes with Extreme Networks.

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