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Design for Flexibility and Resiliency. Flexibility, Autonomy, digitization and cybersecurity considered key elements of permanent change

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How it works

We have a number of technical challenges that we cannot unlock alone, so we are looking for partners that would like to solve them collectively. These challenges change regularly and are updated on this page. Responding these challenges is easy as 1, 2, 3 and 4:

  1. Find a challenge that your technology could contribute to solving
  2. Submit your details through the form linked to the challenge
  3. We will process your submission and provide you feedback
  4. If your submission is successful, you will continue your discussions withExtreme Networks

If you don’t see a challenge that you feel your innovation could support but would still like to discuss a partnership, you can also make a general submission using the following form.


Idea Submission Form

Fill out all required fields and submit your innovation. Looking forward to collaborate. Let's go!


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