Cloud Networking & Wi-Fi for the Store of the Future

Be One Step Ahead

Network visibility, cloud management, and data and predictive analytics keep you on top of foot traffic patterns, customer visitor counts, and buying behavior - while keeping you aware of potential revenue opportunities.

Exceed Customer Expectations

Go next level to optimize your customer experience and drive new innovation with cloud-managed Wi-Fi. AI-based analytics and predictive data help you not only meet customer needs now but anticipate what they’ll need next.

Nurture the Network

Powerful Extreme technology in your network can strengthen operations from the inside out, making the way for special touches like inventory tracking, electronic shelf labeling, and automated sensors. Automated management and omnichannel support evolve internal processes.

Let's Build Smarter Retail Together

Extreme Networks provides the secure, resilient network that builds the foundation for your smarter store.

Meet consumers demands for omni-channel digital experiences by providing robust cloud-managed Wi-Fi and innovative digital services.

Harness analytics from the data running through your network, devices and applications to make better decisions and gain a competitive edge.

Keep your data on your network, applications, and devices secure and up-to-date across all of your store locations.

Maintain a competitive edge in your IT operations by automating management and remediation on your infrastructure allowing staff to focus on innovative initiatives.