Cloud-Driven Network Solutions for Retail

Extreme Networks delivers safe, quality shopping experiences while meeting critical business demands with our flexible, agile, and secure technologies for retail.


Meet the demands of today’s consumer by ensuring in-store safety, reducing friction points, and keeping them connected.


Maintain critical support and uptime across all business assets and systems, while optimizing workflows to increase efficiency, lower costs, and improve customer outcomes.


Safeguard against cybersecurity threats, maintain compliance standards, and safeguard confidential data of the business and its customers.

Business Continuity and Customer Safety

The ‘New’ Retail Normal: Seamlessly adapt to the new set of challenges and goals brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our solutions help retailers find creative ways to maintain business continuity while ensuring quality, safety, and convenience for customers.

Why ExtremeCloud™ IQ For Retail

ExtremeCloud IQ equips retailers with the flexibility and the scalability to dynamically adjust to critical IT and business requirements, ensuring operational continuity and safe customer experiences.

Elements of the Connected Retail Environment

Retail-Built Wi-Fi

Easily installed and managed Wi-Fi 6 connectivity for all users, devices, and IoT things. Secure and scalable connectivity for any retail deployment, including indoor, outdoor, and challenging RF environments.

Cloud-Driven Network Management

Purpose-built retail front end and back end cloud platform, delivering a flexible, agile, technology-rich solution to reduce the need for dedicated onsite IT support, minimize impact to day-to-day operations, and meet the industry’s constantly-evolving needs.

Smart AND Secure Shopping

Built on 4th generation ISO27001-certified cloud technology, with integrated compliance checks and maintenance to meet GDPR and PCI standards – keeping the brand and its customers protected.

Flexible Wired Infrastructure

Robust and flexible PoE network switching solutions to power a range of retail environments and its connected devices, with built in cloud-managed functionality for greater IT efficiency.

ExtremeRetail Select

Curated, pre-packaged, cloud-driven secure networks to meet the fundamental IT requirement of retail, to support their unique operational and customer-facing needs.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Thousands of retail organizations worldwide are advancing their retail experience with us.

“We have confidence Extreme’s retail features and access points will help propel our business to the next level and stay ahead of what our customers want. Understanding fully what Wi-Fi means to our customers, and how we can best serve them in the near future, will enable us to make shopping at Savers the best it can be.”

Charles Blair
IT Infrastructure Manager, Savers

“Our IT team chose Extreme because they provided everything we required for wireless networking – a resilient network solution with robust features that could be easily managed remotely through the cloud. That combination exceeded our expectations.”

Miles Tedder
CIO and Chief Supply Chain Officer, Pet Supplies Plus

“My favorite part of working with Extreme has been the talent. The diversity and global span of the company is very good, which is something that is kind of rare. I mean especially for a company that I work with which is regionalized in about six states. To see a company with multi diversity, to see a company with a lot of energy, a younger feeling company, that has been one of the best parts of working with Extreme.”

Randy McClary
Solution Architect, Meijer

“The solution has fitted our business model perfectly. It’s reliable, and the fact that we can manage all of our devices and wireless APs from a central point is exactly what we were after.”

Rod Koza
Chief Information Officer, Drakes Supermarkets

Upcoming Events in Retail

On-demand Webinar
Smart Shopping: Achieving Personalization and Operational Excellence in Retail

Featuring industry expert and technology thought-leader Andre Kindness of Forrester Research, this webinar dives deep into forward-thinking retail use cases, and describe the key network competencies to successfully implement them to drive quality and safe shopping experiences in the constantly-changing industry landscape.

On-demand Webinar
Why Cloud for Retail: Network-Enabled Speed and Efficiency

The retail industry is evolving at a pace that challenges businesses to keep up. In this webinar, Why Cloud for Retail: Network-Enabled Speed and Innovation, our panel of industry experts discuss the benefits of cloud-based IT solutions and the importance of leveraging a flexible, scalable technology platform amid the heightened demands of retail today.

Guides and Tools for Retail

Stay in the know with these additional resources for professionals in the Retail Industry.



Adaptable and Flexible Business Continuity Solutions for Retail

To ensure relevancy and profitability, retail businesses must seamlessly adapt to the new set of challenges and goals brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Extreme helps retailers find creative ways to maintain business continuity while reconfiguring how they can deliver quality, safe, valued-added customer experiences.

Demo: ExtremeCloud IQ for Retail

Leveraging 4th generation technology, ExtremeCloud IQ delivers organizations a purpose-built retail cloud front-end and back-end; front end includes customizable dashboards with dual-persona KPIs for business and technical staff, and the cloud back-end supports cloud vendor agnostic regional data centers, with longer data retention and open APIs. Watch the demo to learn more!

Smart Shelves: Enabling Electronic Shelf Labeling in Retail

ESL is a transformative solution that enables retailers with a dynamic, seamless, paperless approach to in-store pricing, which dramatically reduces operational costs and enhances the shopping experience - while removing unnecessary contact in the store environment by supporting associates.

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