Creating the Ultimate In-Store Experience for the Connected Shopper

of Retail Sales still Occurs in Brick & Mortar Stores.
of Shoppers Use their Phone In-Store to Help them Shop.
of Shoppers are Open to Receiving In-Store Promotions or Offerings.

Why Extreme Networks for Retail

Retailers are using digital transformation to reinvent themselves to achieve the same level of service, convenience, and personalization that is delivered online.  They are also investing in strategic technologies to optimize their back-of-house assets and operations.    

 Extreme Networks enables retailers to create a highly-personalized and mobile-driven shopping experience to meet the expectations of today’s shopper who wants to stay connected. Extreme’s retail networking solutions augment store operations and assets with network-powered analytics and improve the efficiency of an organization’s distribution centers.      

Our software-driven solutions leverage secure, smart network infrastructure that strategically integrates wireless and wired technologies, guest access, analytics, location-based services, and centralized network management.  

Secure customer and business data while protecting your brand reputation.

Meet the expectations of the connected shopper with a personalized shopping experience.

Ensure critical business uptime while optimizing traditional workflows.

Deliver a personalized, mobile-centric in-store experience for consumers while optimizing the back-of-house business assets. 

Smart Shelves: Enabling Electronic Shelf-labeling in Retail

Electronic Shelf-Labeling (ESL) augments the in-store experience for customers while delivering a flexible, scalable solution for retailers to stay competitive in today’s economy.
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Retail Case Studies

Armstrong Produce: Increased Efficiencies and Reduced Costs For Hawaii's Largest Produce Distributor


Reduction in Shipping Errors. 


Orders Handled Daily 


Saved annually in just paperwork

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