Internet and Cloud Exchange

Transport Services

Simplified Service Creation to Deliver​ Superior Customer Experience​

Scaling Networks to Enable Digital Transformation

Cloud adoption, Gaming, IoT and Mobility are increasing the volume, variety and velocity of data by orders of magnitude. Extreme’s Network Service Provider solutions deliver efficient and scalable network infrastructure needed to deliver new services without added complexity and cost.

Traditional Network Service Provider

Extreme Network Service Provider

Why Switch to an Extreme Networks Service Provider Solution?

Superior User Experience

Deliver superior service experience for Cloud, Gaming, IoT and Mobility applications, leveraging purpose-built and deployed proven standards-based and open solution architectures.

Reduce Costs

Simplify network deployment and operations and service delivery with cross-domain automation, programmable, open architectures and agile consumption models.

Accelerate Time-to-Revenue

Free staff to focus on service innovation and delivery, creating new revenue streams and expanding customer opportunities.

Gain Operational Efficiency

Deploy at scale and resolve issues quickly and permanently with full network life-cycle automation, improving customer satisfaction and retention.

Internet and Cloud Exchange Provider Solutions