Data Center Fabric

Automated IP Fabric

Open, automated and secure.

Innovation at the speed of the cloud

To stay competitive, digital transformation is at the forefront of Enterprises and Service Providers. The fast innovation needed to drive this transformation can only happen with an agile IT foundation, and with seamless automation and network visibility connecting all IT domains and functions. Extreme Networks Data Center Fabric build the ideal foundation to remain competitive.

Extreme IP Fabric

Extreme IP Fabric is an open, automated, and programmable solution optimized for layer 3 BGP-EVPN deployments. Easily integrates with data center ecosystem tools, leveraging current investments for a seamliess evolution to the cloud.

Benefits of Extreme Networks IP Fabric Solutions

Simplified and secured network operations

Service Providers look to simplify administration and reduce cost. With Extreme IP Fabric, customers can leverage BGP-EVPN and VXLAN open standards to enable controller-less network virtualization overlays to extend Layer 2 and Layer 3 reachability, ensuring easy and secure scalability.

Automating at your own pace

With Extreme Fabric Automation you can setup complex networks in seconds. Customized solutions automate manual changes and updates to reduce human error and cross domain automation with Extreme Workflow composer extends these benefits from the network domain to storage and compute.