Extreme Fabric: Making Secure, Resilient Networking Easy

As John Blohm from Green Bay Area Public Schools puts it - “Fabric is easy.” Having a secure, flexible, high-performing fabric network significantly reduces the potential for organizational cyberattacks, enhances application performance, and improves operating efficiency.

Extreme Fabric Connect simplifies IT management, offering a unified and hyper-segmented view of activity for organizations with multiple, physical locations that serve users with different needs and restrictions. Its automation capabilities also provide organizations with the scalability to support more users, locations, devices, applications and more.

Efficient Network Deployments

Automated configuration and provisioning significantly reduce the time it takes to deliver connectivity to new sites.

Network Resiliency

Automated traffic rerouting delivers the best connectivity and performance based on current activity.

End-to-End Visibility

Network traffic segmentation reduces the number of potential endpoints, improving security.

Learn more about how Extreme Networks can help advance your organization and community through Extreme Fabric Connect.

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