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Preparing students for the rapidly evolving digital world is a core tenet of the University of Management and Technology, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The university leverages the latest technology to provide its students an open learning environment that embraces digital transformation.

To support UMT’s tech-centric curriculum and the growing volume of devices used by faculty and students, Nguyên Ngọc Nguyên, Director of the Office of Information Technology and Digital Transformation, sought a secure wireless solution that limited user interruption. With plans to expand its campus, UMT also needed a scalable network capable of supporting evolving digital needs.

Extreme Solution Components

  • ExtremeSwitching™
  • ExtremeWireless™

Enhanced Campus Network Helps Students Get Ready for Digital-First World

The University of Management and Technology aims to build a positive and successful learning environment where every student is developed to their fullest potential. The ability to readily adapt to any changes in the digital world 4.0 and become a global citizen are just some of the achievements students strive towards.

To cater to the unique digital needs of both staff and students, UMT implemented a wide-capacity platform using ExtremeWireless solutions, providing users reliable, secure access to learning content and applications hosted in the cloud. Students and faculty at the university’s new campus facilities, which opened in October 2022, benefitted from new Wi-Fi 6 access points that delivered the best possible wireless experience.

The university’s wireless upgrade was supported by Extreme’s standards-based switching platform, which enabled IT to seamlessly expand its wireless network in preparation for the addition of new facilities and campus expansion while minimizing impact on the student experience.

“The quality of the Extreme Networks solution means we can focus on our faculty and students and their learning needs.”

Nguyên Ngọc Nguyên, Director of the Office of Information


Secure and Stable Platform for Digital Learning

  • Total campus coverage with Extreme’s Wi-Fi 6-enabled access points provides reliable device connectivity for the entire campus with no dead spots.
  • Robust infrastructure ensures no user interruptions while accessing core curriculum and services.
  • Digital learning enhancements with access to latest software and applications.

Moving at the Speed of Higher Education

  • New network architecture deployed quickly, giving UMT students and faculty online access without delays.
  • Additional network capacity to support immediate use of critical learning applications and growing number of devices.

Modern Switching Architecture Simplifies Management

  • High-density switching platforms helped the university save space and conserve energy.
  • Power over Ethernet (POE) support ensured that security cameras, wireless access points and other devices are always available and connected.
  • Easy-to-scale network architecture will make expansion into new buildings simple at this growing, digitally-focused university.

"As our university expands and grows, Extreme Networks’ solutions will grow with us. We are already seeing an increase in students interested in our liberal education platform that prepares them for the modern workplace. We will be expanding capacity over the next year and adding new buildings to our campus over the coming years.”

Nguyên Ngọc Nguyên
Director of the Office of Information Technology and Digital Transformation

“The majority of our students are Gen Z and demand always-available Wi-Fi...This is a core part of our goal to prepare them for the digital world 4.0. Extreme Networks’ Wi-Fi 6 solutions allows us to support all of their devices and keep the content flowing.”

Nguyên Ngọc Nguyên
Director of the Office of Information

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