Technology Needs

  • The school’s existing Wi-Fi network provided spotty coverage and frequently resulted in systems and resources being unavailable at key times
  • An infrastructure that would support leadership vision for a global, innovative university
  • Network support for nextgeneration initiatives – AR/VR, multimedia production studio and smart classrooms

Extreme Solution Components

  • ExtremeSwitching™
  • ExtremeAnalytics™
  • ExtremeWireless™
  • ExtremeCloud™ IQ

Building a Digital-first Student Experience at Oral Roberts

Oral Roberts University is a fast-growing liberal arts university in Tulsa, Oklahoma, with nearly 5,000 students enrolled from all 50 states and 126 countries. ORU was named the fourth-best university in the nation for student engagement by the Wall Street Journal.

The university is in the midst of a major campus modernization project, which includes four new state-of-the-art campus buildings. ORU had a vision for becoming a truly global institution, driven by technology and innovation. To accomplish that, they needed a network that could support and enhance the student, staff and guest experiences.

Through its partnership with Extreme, ORU has infused technology into its entire experience, from classrooms to campus life to athletics. The school is able to deliver new learning experiences using AR/VR applications; it has integrated digital credentials into its campus experience; and its research initiatives are supported by Titan, one of the fastest supercomputers in higher education. At the core of the modern campus experience is ORU’s Global Learning Center, which includes multiple floors of smart classrooms, a multimedia production studio, a performance hall, and an AR/VR classroom that can be used to deliver more than 7,000 courses in a live, interactive virtual experience.

“The future is for education to become more and more fluid, so that it flows with the learner and it flows with the faculty member. That means it becomes more and more just in time, just for you, but also just with you.”

Dr. Kathleen Reid-Martinez, Provost & Chief Academic Officer, ORU

Improved Network Connectivity and Management

  • Campus-wide Wi-Fi access ensures consistent, reliable experiences and reduces troubleshooting requirements for IT staff.
  • ExtremeAnalytics enables ORU staff and leadership to make data-driven decisions to optimize the network and user experiences.
  • ExtremeCloud IQ provides full network visibility and allows IT staff to efficiently manage the network and all connected devices and digital services.
  • Technology-driven Global Education Platform

  • Students anywhere are able to connect to ORU resources and education services, including learning from experts across the globe.
  • ORU has integrated emerging technologies, like AR/VR, telepresence robots, smart classrooms, and more to enhance teaching and learning experiences.

  • Digital Campus Experience

  • Enhanced fan experiences at athletic events, leveraging Extreme’s solutions to make the mobile device a central part of game experience.
  • Created data-driven personalized experiences for each student, whether they are on campus, virtual, or in the Metaverse.
  • “What sold me on this was making a trip to Gillette Stadium where I talked to Robert Kraft, whose son was actually leading the digitization project for the NFL, and found out what a fan experience is all about. We extrapolated that to the student experience and now, nothing will be impossible to bring onto campus that requires worldwide connectivity.”

    Mike Mathews
    VP of Technology and Innovation, ORU

    “The fan experience and fan expectations are rapidly changing. It’s not just, ‘I’m going to the game’ anymore. Top level digital experiences are now the expectation, like what you can do on your phone, how you can order food, and how you can connect to the internet at an event."

    Tim Johnson
    Athletic Director, ORU

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