SLX 9540

Versatile carrier-class switch router for border leaf, data center interconnect, WAN edge, Border Routing and internet exchange point deployments.

A Flexible, High-Performance Switching Platform

The SLX 9540 is the industry’s most powerful compact deep buffer data center switch, providing a cost-efficient solution that is purpose-built for the most demanding service provider and enterprise data centers and MAN/WAN applications.

Modular, Virtualized Operating System

The SLX 9540 runs SLX-OS, a fully virtualized Linux-based operating system that delivers process-level resiliency and fault isolation. SLX-OS supports advanced routing, MPLS, and Carrier Ethernet 2.0 features. It is highly programmable enabling full network lifecycle automation with Extreme Workflow Composer and turnkey automation suites.

Embedded Network Visibility

The SLX 9540 includes the Extreme SLX Insight Architecture delivered through SLX-OS and SLX 9540 hardware innovation. This new approach to network monitoring and troubleshooting provides a highly differentiated solution that makes it faster, easier, and more cost-effective to get the comprehensive, real-time visibility needed for network operations and automation.

More features
  • DevOps-Style Automation
  • Carrier-Class Platform Features
  • Deployment Versatility with Ultra-Deep Buffers and MPLS
  • Efficient space and power usage with 800 Gbps switching capacity
  • Flexible port configurations for dense 10 GbE and 100 GbE in a 1 RU form factor

SLX 9540 Technical Specifications

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