Extreme Campus Fabric – Management

Course objective

Upon completion of this course, students will have gained the working knowledge to:

  •  To add/change fabric services and add devices to an existing Fabric Connect solution
  •  To utilize the new automation features including auto-sense and self-forming fabric.
  •  Understand Extreme’s management solutions: ExtremeCloud IQ and the campus solution ExtremeCloud IQ-SE (Site Engine) and on-board and manage switches successfully.

Delivery method

Available as Classroom Instructor-led training and Virtual Instructor-led training.

Course duration

1 Day

Course Overview

The Management of Extreme Networks’ Fabric Connect is the goal of the course. Students will gain a detailed explanation of the fabric services and configure these in the lab. The latest automation features are covered including; auto-sense ports and self-forming fabric. And to provide an understanding of the management products that Extreme offers, students will experience on-boarding switches to both ExtremeCloud™ IQ and the campus solution ExtremeCloud IQ-SE (Site Engine). Lectures are supported equally with hands-on experience on VSPs, Universal Hardware 5520, ERS, and EXOS.

Mandatory Prerequisites

Student should have a good grasp of SPBM concepts and overall switch management. Students should have earned the certification Campus Fabric – Installation and Configuration.


Campus Fabric Services

  • Services Types
  • Uni Port Types
  • Multicast considerations

Principles of Automation

  • Zero Touch Capabilities
  • Self-Forming Fabric Configuration
  • Auto-Sense Port Configuration

ExtremeCloud IQ Management

  • On-Boarding
  • Network Policy
  • Device Configuration
  • Supplemental CLI

ExtremeCloud IQ-SE Management

  • ZTP+ and other device discovery methods
  • Secure Device Management
  • Discovery and Actions
  • Onboard VSP workflow
  • Device Management