End of Sale and End of Support

Extreme Networks strives to provide best-in-class products and services to meet our customer’s needs throughout all stages of the networks lifecycle. As technology and business needs evolve, there will be cases were older products and technologies no longer meet market requirements, therefore periodically, it becomes necessary to end the production and distribution of certain products. The decision to discontinue a product is based on a number of factors, including the availability of certain manufacturing components needed to continue production, a third-party manufacturer’s product discontinuation, or the introduction of a newer product with more advanced features and functionality.

In order to help our customers manage any End-of-Life transitions, including any implications for support, we developed the following standard guidelines for products reaching the End-of-Life phase of the lifecycle. Please see the sections below for more details. Extreme Networks may revise these guidelines from time to time at Extreme Networks sole discretion.

Products that have reached End of Sale (Excel)
Products that have reached End of Sale (PDF)
Products that have reached End of Service Life (EOSL)
Extreme Networks Support and End of Life Policy
Extreme Networks Software Lifecycle Policy and Key Dates

End of Sale

Extreme Networks considers a product at End of Sale when either it can no longer be ordered from Extreme Networks, or it is marketed as being End of Sale on the Extreme Networks web site. When possible Extreme Networks will either offer a more current revision of the same product or provide recommendations on a migration strategy.

Extreme Networks communicates product End of Sale through this webpage. Extreme Networks strives to notify customers 6 months in advance, when possible, through this online mechanism.

End of Support

End of Support is defined as when software is no longer available for download, GTAC no longer provides support for the defined product or software release, and hardware replacement is no longer provided. This policy applies to Extreme Networks manufactured products only (see section below on Third Party Product Support). Once a product has reached its End of Support date, Extreme Networks does not offer new service and support contracts for that product. The Extreme Networks product End of Support date is typically 5 years after the End of Sale date. Refer to the specific product End of Sale announcement for specific dates. Extreme Networks considers a product to be at End of Support when the published End of Support date is reached. This policy applies to Extreme Networks manufactured products only (see section below on Third Party Product Support)

Software Products / Releases

Extreme Networks supports the current major release and the previous major release of the software product (e.g., 3.2 and the previous release back 3.1), provided that the end-user customer continues to maintain an active service contract.

Third Party Product Support Policy

End of Sale and End of Support for third party product may vary from Extreme Networks policy, depending on the specific product and associated agreement that Extreme Networks has with the product manufacturer. Extreme Networks shall endeavor to communicate any deviations from the standard policy for third party product as appropriate to impacted Extreme Networks customers and partners.

Grey Market Advisory

Users of grey market products do not obtain the level of protection and service provided by authorized Extreme Networks Partners. Extreme Networks urges customers to take support and service into consideration when purchasing Extreme Networks products. Additional information is available in the Extreme Networks Grey Market Advisory.

If you have any questions about these products or the End of Life process in general, please contact your account representative or contact us for assistance.

Recent End of Sale Announcements

Posting dateFamilyProduct NameEnd of Sale Bulletin
11/21/17ExtremeSwitchingAvaya Network Operating System Software and Trial LicenseAvaya Network Operating System Software and Trial License Bulletin
11/19/17ExtremeApplicationsExtremeWireless WiNG Azara Cloud Subscription SKUExtremeWireless WiNG Azara Cloud Subscription SKU Bulletin
8/1/18ExtremeApplicationsIdentity EnginesEOS bulletin for Identity Engines
1/21/19ExtremeApplicationsPV-50K-SYS and PV-V50K-SYSEOS bulletin for PV-50K-SYS and PV-V50K-SYS
4/22/15ExtremeApplicationsGeneral Software Releases update April 2015Software Releases Bulletin
12/15/16ExtremeMobilityAP 8232, AP 8132, AP 6532, AP 8122, AP 6522M, AP 6521, AP 6511, TW-0511AP 8232, AP 8132, AP 6532, AP 8122, AP 6522M, AP 6521, AP 6511, TW-0511 Bulletin
2/26/18ExtremeSwitchingERS 3500 Model SwitchEOS bulletin for ERS 3500 Model Switch
2/26/18ExtremeSwitchingERS 4800 Model SwitchEOS bulletin for ERS 4800 Model Switch
11/29/17ExtremeMobilityExtremeWireless 7522E NX5500E NX7510E VX9K ExpressEOS bulletin for ExtremeWireless 7522E NX5500E NX7510E VX9K Express
5/25/18ExtremeMobilityExtremeWireless AP3805EOS bulletin for ExtremeWireless AP3805
6/22/18ExtremeMobilityExtremeWireless AP3825EOS bulletin for ExtremeWireless AP3825
1/15/18ExtremeMobilityExtremeWireless -EU and 7622 7602 -WREOS bulletin for ExtremeWireless -EU and 7622 7602 -WR
3/1/18ExtremeMobilityExtremeWireless Rebranding WiNG -WR and APMEEOS bulletin for ExtremeWireless Rebranding WiNG -WR and APME
7/17/18ExtremeMobilityExtremeWireless RFS-4010-00010-ZUS EOS Bulletin for ExtremeWireless RFS-4010-00010-ZUS
12/11/17ExtremeMobilityExtremeWireless WiNG AP 6522, AP 6562, AP 7502 Access PointsExtremeWireless WiNG AP 6522, AP 6562, AP 7502 Access Points Bulletin
5/25/18ExtremeMobilityExtremeWireless WS-AP3801i, WS-AP3805i/e EOS bulletin for WS-AP3801i, WS-AP3805i/e
7/1/15ExtremeMobilityIdentiFi Wireless C25 appliance, AP3715i/e access points, AP3705i access point and accessories IdentiFi Wireless C25 appliance, AP3715i/e access points, AP3705i access point and accessories Bulletin
8/26/18ExtremeMobilityLegacy WiNG Power SuppliesEOS bulletin for Legacy WiNG Power Supplies
7/31/18ExtremeMobilityLegacy WiNG Power Supplies and AntennasEOS bulletin for Legacy WiNG Power Supplies and Antennas
4/30/19ExtremeMobilityMobile APImmediate End-of-Sale Notification Mobile AP
10/31/18ExtremeMobilityWireless Accessories KT-6511EOS Bulletin for Wireless Accessories KT-6511
10/29/18ExtremeMobilityWireless Accessories WS-xEOS Bulletin for Wireless Accessories WS-x
7/25/18ExtremeMobilityWireless Demo KitEOS bulletin for Wireless Demo Kit
12/5/17ExtremeMobilityWireless LAN 9100EOS bulletin for Wireless LAN 9100
7/22/18ExtremeMobilityWireless LAN 9100 9132/9144EOS bulletin for Wireless LAN 9100 9132/9144
7/1/18ExtremeMobilityZebra Branded WiNG -EU REDEOS bulletin for Zebra Branded WiNG -EU RED
8/31/17ExtremeRoutingBR-6910-EAS-H-AC and BR-6910-EAS-H-DC chassisEOS notification BR-6910-EAS-H-AC and BR-6910-EAS-H-DC chassis
11/18/13ExtremeRoutingBrocade® MLX/XMR seriesEOS bulletin for Brocade® MLX/XMR series
11/18/13ExtremeRoutingCES/CER series, FRUs and accessoriesEOS bulletin for CES/CER series, FRUs and accessories
3/20/19ExtremeRoutingCES-2048CX, CER-2024C-RT, CER-2024F-RT and CER-2048CX-RTEOS bulletin for CES-2048CX, CER-2024C-RT, CER-2024F-RT and CER-2048CX-RT
2/15/19ExtremeRoutingCES-2048FX and CER-2048FX-RTEOS bulletin for CES-2048FX and CER-2048FX-RT
10/16/12ExtremeRoutingMLX and XMR SeriesEOS bulletin for MLX and XMR Series
4/27/18ExtremeRoutingMLX Router ModulesEOS bulletin for MLX Router Modules
9/4/12ExtremeRoutingMLX/XMR 32 Slot Chassis and POS modulesEOS bulletin for MLX 32 chassis, XMR 32 chassis, POS Modules, POS Optics, FRUs
4/28/18ExtremeRoutingMLXe 4x10-x 8x10-x 24x10-dmMLX Router Modules EOS Bulletin
5/18/19ExtremeRoutingMLXe MR Bundles Upgrade and Support Renewal Info v3EOS Bulletin for MLXe MR Bundles Upgrade and Support Renewal Info v3
8/28/18ExtremeRoutingNetwork Advisor (BNA) suite of software productsEOS bulletin for Network Advisor (BNA) suite of software products
1/12/19ExtremeRoutingVDX 67xx Software LicensesEOS bulletin for VDX 67xx Software Licenses
5/1/17ExtremeSwitching100Base-FX A4 Switches100Base-FX A4 Switches Bulletin
4/3/18ExtremeSwitching10Gb USR SFP+ Optical Transceiver10Gb USR SFP+ Optical Transceiver Bulletin
12/10/19ExtremeSwitching7100 Series7100 Series EOS Bulletin
6/30/17ExtremeSwitching800 Series Switches800 Series Switches Bulletin
6/30/17ExtremeSwitchingA4 Series SwitchesA4 Series Switches Bulletin
10/20/18ExtremeSwitchingAccessory CablesEOS Bulletin for Accessory Cables
12/19/18ExtremeSwitchingAddendum to S and SSA Series EOS notification - parts out of stock and immediate EOSAddendum to S and SSA Series EOS notification - parts out of stock and immediate EOS
12/31/16ExtremeSwitchingB5 SwitchesB5 Switches Bulletin
4/26/17ExtremeSwitchingC5 & B5 TAA SwitchesC5 & B5 TAA Switches Bulletin
12/31/16ExtremeSwitchingC5 SwitchesC5 Switches Bulletin
4/27/18ExtremeRoutingCES 2000 Series SwitchCES 2000 Series EOS Bulletin
2/15/19ExtremeRoutingCES-2024C and CES-2024FCES-2024C and CES-2024F EOS Bulletin
10/31/16ExtremeSwitchingD2 SwitchesD2 Switches Bulletin
10/31/12ExtremeSwitchingEAS, X150, X350, X450a SwitchesEnd of Sale Notification for EAS, X150, X350, X450a Switches
1/1/11ExtremeSwitchingEnterasys B3 and C3 Stackable ProductsEnterasys B3 and C3 Stackable Products Bulletin
6/13/18ExtremeSwitchingEOS Announcement Zebra Branded PoEs and ReplacementsEOS bulletin for EOS Announcement Zebra Branded PoEs and Replacements
11/26/18ExtremeSwitchingEOS Date Extension for Fiber Patch Cables 9380xxx-3MEOS Date Extension for Fiber Patch Cables 9380xxx-3M
10/31/16ExtremeSwitchingEPS-500 RPSEPS-500 RPS Bulletin
6/25/18ExtremeSwitchingERS 4800 E-Rate codesEOS bulletin for ERS 4800 E-Rate codes AL4800E88-E6 and AL4800E89-E6
11/21/17ExtremeSwitchingERS 5000 SeriesERS 5000 Series Bulletin
2/26/18ExtremeSwitchingERS 5928GTS-PWR+EOS notification ERS 5928GTS-PWR+
2/1/19ExtremeSwitchingEnd-of-Service-Life Update for ERS 8300/8600/8800 modules and
End of Service Life update bulletin for ERS 8300-8600-8800
11/21/17ExtremeSwitchingERS Models with included power cordsERS Power Cords Bulletin
2/21/17ExtremeSwitchingEthernet Wall Switch ES-6510Ethernet Wall Switch ES-6510 Bulletin
2/2/16ExtremeSwitchingExtremeSwitching 8000 Series (formerly BlackDiamond)ExtremeSwitching 8000 Series Bulletin
5/17/19ExtremeSwitchingSoftware Licenses G3IPV6-LIC, C5L3-
LIC, 16496, 16497, 16498 and accessories 10950 and MUX-RACK-01
End-of-Sale Notification for Software Licenses G3IPV6-LIC, C5L3-
LIC, 16496, 16497, 16498 and accessories 10950 and MUX-RACK-01
4/24/15ExtremeSwitchingI-Series SwitchesI-Series Switches Bulletin
10/29/18ExtremeSwitchingK SeriesEOS Bulletin for K Series
7/1/17ExtremeSwitchingMounting Options For D2 and 800 Series SwitchesMounting Options For D2 and 800 Series Switches Bulletin
5/30/19ExtremeSwitchingONA 1101GTONA 1101GT Bulletin
3/31/16ExtremeSwitchingReachNXT AC Power AdapterReachNXT AC Power Adapter Bulletin
1/14/19ExtremeSwitchingS/K/7100 Optics 10GB-ERx, 10GB-LRx, and MUX-CWDM-01EOS Bulletin for S/K/7100 Optics 10GB-ERx, 10GB-LRx, and MUX-CWDM-01
10/29/18ExtremeSwitchingS-Series Modular Switch Family and TAA models of the SSA Switch FamilyEOS Bulletin for S, SSA & TAA Series
10/1/15ExtremeSwitchingS-Series SSA-G1018-0652 S150 Class Stand-Alone Switch (SSA)S-Series S150 Class Satnd-Alone Switch (SSA) Bulletin
7/1/13ExtremeSwitchingSummit X250e and X450e Series SwitchesSummit X250e and X450e Series Switches Bulletin
3/1/17ExtremeSwitchingSV-1252 and SV-3652 AppliancesSV-1252 and SV-3652 Appliances Bulletin
6/16/17ExtremeSwitchingSummit X480 X670 X670V TAA Switch ModelsTAA Switch Models Bulletin
5/30/19ExtremeSwitchingVSP 4450GSX DCVSP4450GSX DC Bulletin
5/30/19ExtremeSwitchingVSP4850VSP4850 Bulletin
5/21/18ExtremeSwitchingVSP Models with included power cordsVSP Power Cords Bulletin
3/30/18ExtremeSwitchingX430 Series SwitchesEOS bulletin for X430 Series Switches
10/31/16ExtremeSwitchingX440 SwitchesX440 Switches Bulletin
12/31/16ExtremeSwitchingX460 SwitchesX460 Switches Bulletin
7/1/17ExtremeSwitchingX460 Versatile Interface Modules (VIMs) and Feature Pack X460 Versatile Interface Modules (VIMs) and Feature Pack Bulletin
2/19/16ExtremeSwitchingX460-24t Switch ModelsX460-24t Switch Models Bulletin
7/11/16ExtremeSwitchingX460-24x Switch ModelsX460-24x Switch Models Bulletin
2/21/17ExtremeSwitchingX460-48p Switch ModelX460-48p Switch Model Bulletin
11/21/17ExtremeSwitchingOEM Private Brand modelsOEM Private Brand models Bulletin
4/30/19ExtremeSwitchingEOS Update for S-Series Modular Switches and SSA (TAA) SwitchesEOS Update for S-Series Modular Switches and SSA (TAA) Switches
4/30/19ExtremeSwitchingEOS Update for K-Series SwitchesEOS Update for K-Series Switches
5/21/19ExtremeSwitchingEOS Update for 7100 SwitchesEOS Update for 7100 Switches