Hardware & Software Compatibility Matrices

Pluggable Interface TypePart NumberMinimum 200 Series Software VersionComments
SX Industrial Grade SFP10051HV01.01.01
LX Industrial Grade SFP10052HV01.01.01
ZX Industrial Grade SFP10053HV01.01.01
1000BASE-BX-D BiDi Industrial Grade SFP10056HV01.01.01
1000BASE-BX-U BiDi Industrial Grade SFP10057HV01.01.01
10/100/1000BASE-T copper Industrial Grade SFP10070HV01.01.01
1000BASE-SX SFP 10 Pack, Industrial Temp10071HV01.01.01
1000BASE-LX SFP 10 Pack, Industrial Temp10072HV01.01.01
1000BASE-T RJ45 SFPMGBIC-02V01.01.01
1000BASE-BX10-D Bidirectional 10 km LC SFPMGBIC-BX10-DV01.01.01
1000BASE-BX10-U Bidirectional 10 km LC SFPMGBIC-BX10-UV01.01.01
1000BASE-BX40-D Bidirectional 40 km LC SFPMGBIC-BX40-DV01.01.01
1000BASE-BX40-U Bidirectional 40 km LC SFPMGBIC-BX40-UV01.01.01
1000BASE-BX120-D Bidirectional 120 km LC SFPMGBIC-BX120-DV01.01.01
1000BASE-BX120-U Bidirectional 120 km LC SFPMGBIC-BX120-UV01.01.01
Industrial 1000BASE-SX SFPI-MGBIC-GSXV01.01.01
Industrial 1000BASE-LX SFPI-MGBIC-GLXV01.01.01
Industrial 1000BASE-TX SFPI-MGBIC-GTXV01.01.01No longer available for sale
Industrial 80 km SFPI-MGBIC-GZXV01.01.01No longer available for sale
SFP+ (220 Series switches only)
SR SFP+10301V01.01.01
LR SFP+10302V01.01.01
ER SFP+10309V01.01.01
ZR SFP+10310V01.01.01
10Gb BX10-D, 10 km10GB-BX10-DV01.01.01
10Gb BX10-U, 10 km10GB-BX10-UV01.01.01
10Gb BX40-D, 40 km10GB-BX40-DV01.01.01
10Gb BX40-U, 40 km10GB-BX40-UV01.01.01
10GBASE ER SFP+ (40 km)10GB-ER-SFPPV01.01.01
10GBASE LR SFP+ 10K SM Optic10GB-LR-SFPPV01.01.01
10GB 1GB Dual Rate LR LX SMF10GB-LRLX-SFPPV01.01.01Need to manually set to 1Gb
10GBASE SR SFP+ 33/82M MM Optic10GB-SR-SFPPV01.01.01
10GB 1GB Dual Rate SR SX SMF10GB-SRSX-SFPPNeed to manually set to 1Gb
10GBASE-T SFP+10338V01.01.01220 Series switches only
10GBASE ZR SFP+ (80 km)10GB-ZR-SFPPV01.01.01
SFP+ direct-attach passive copper cable (220 Series switches only)
1 meter10304V01.01.01
3 meters10305V01.01.01
10Gb passive copper DAC SFP+ (220 Series switches only)
1 meter DAC SFP+10GB-C01-SFPPV01.01.01
3 meters DAC SFP+10GB-C03-SFPPV01.01.01
SFP+ direct-attach active optical cable (220 Series switches only)
10 meters10GB-F10-SFPPV01.01.01
20 meters10GB-F20-SFPPV01.01.01