Custom support solutions for Extreme products and services

“Network down” and “Priority 1” networking issues need immediate support. Our world-class support team is poised to solve any problem.

Contact Us For Immediate Support

GTAC Knowledge

Authentic GTAC resolutions, available on-demand.

Among all of us, we make a great network engineer. Resolve your issue with GTAC’s deep technical expertise by exploring our knowledge base today.

Access The Hub

The Hub is an exclusive Extreme Networks online community.

We are engaging in great discussions on products, services, and general networking know-how. Join the conversation!

Extreme Portal

Online customer portal for firmware/software downloads, licensing, training, contract and case management.

For non-critical support, open a new case or check on the status of a current one. GTAC will respond within 24 business hours. Learn about your support options in the GTAC User Guide.

Product Registration

Please register your Extreme Networks product to obtain new product announcements, special offers, and notices of product upgrades.

Software and Product Documentation

Documentation to help you install and manage Extreme Networks hardware and software.

Download and Upgrade

Download the latest Extreme Networks releases, updates, and supporting documentation here.

Security Vulnerabilities

Check here for an up to date list of security patches and guides on making sure your Extreme software is always secure.

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