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Universal Switches

4000 Series

Cloud-Managed Switching Made Easy

Product Highlights

  • Cloud-managed switching* that simplifies deployment, operation, and management
  • Automate and streamline switch provisioning and day-to-day operations with cloud-based instant actions
  • Mobile app to easily onboard, provision, and troubleshoot your switches
  • Automated, maintenance-free feature and security updates delivered via the cloud
  • ExtremeCloud IQ and/or ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine for powerful and secure public cloud or on-premises management

Switch Featues

  • 12-port, 24-port, and 48-port models with Gigabit and multi-Gigabit Ethernet access port options
  • 4 x 1/10Gb uplink/stacking ports on all 4220 models
  • 4 x 1/10/25Gb uplink ports plus 2 x 100Gb uplink/stacking ports on 4120 models
  • 30W, 60W, 90W PoE options for powered connection of edge devices
  • 8-port 1/10Gb SFP+ fiber model (4220)
  • Silent operation up to 35°C on 12-port PoE, multi-gigabit and non-PoE models (4220)
  • Non-blocking, wire-speed design

The 4000 Series are ExtremeCloud IQ managed* Layer 2 switches that simplify network operations while delivering all the power and flexibility of a traditional enterprise access switch. As a fully cloud-managed solution, the 4000 Series is ideal for enterprises looking for easy-to-manage, cost-effective Ethernet connectivity for their campus, branch or distributed sites.

4000 Series cloud management combines instant actions along with centralized visibility that simplify switch deployment, provisioning, and troubleshooting. Machine learning tools help quickly isolate issues, continuous cloud-delivery ensures latest management feature updates, and zero-touch provisioning allows rapid deployment across sites.

With 90W PoE, multi-gigabit access, stacking and policy services, the 4000 Series is a switch platform capable of addressing the evolving connectivity requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s wired networks.

The 4000 Series consists of 4120 and 4220 model families:

The 4120 family includes a 24-port and a 48-port model, with multi-gigabit (1/2.5Gb) and 90W PoE support across all access ports, and high-speed 4 x 10/25Gb uplink plus 2 x 100Gb uplink/stack ports, making it ideal as a wired concentrator for high-density Wi-Fi/IoT environments.

The 4220 family includes 8, 12, 24, and 48-port models with gigabit and multi-gigabit (1/2.5/5Gb) access ports, up to 90W PoE, and 4 x SFP+ uplink/stack ports and is a highly flexible enterprise Layer 2 wired access solution.

* The 4000 Series is solely managed by ExtremeCloud IQ and/or ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine and each switch requires an ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot SaaS Subscription.


Cloud-based 360° network topology and switch views enable drill down to the 4000 Series switch, port and connected clients for quick status, including historical trends. Aggregated 4000 Switch Health scores further offer a way to easily monitor an individual 4000 Series switch or all 4000 Series switches in the network, to quickly isolate and troubleshoot issues. Furthermore, unified views of the entire Extreme wired/wireless infrastructure are also available within ExtremeCloud IQ.

The 4000 Series has been designed for easy-to-use cloud management that simplifies deployment, provisioning and troubleshooting. 4000 Series switches can be managed either by ExtremeCloud IQ or ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine for comprehensive, unified management with a consolidated view of users, devices, and applications across wired and wireless networks. As a wholly cloud-managed solution, 4000 Series switches avoid the need for complex on-switch provisioning via direct console interface, making it easier for users to set up and manage their entire 4000 Series wired network.

The 4000 Series benefits from continuous feature delivery with each new ExtremeCloud IQ update. It’s an automated way to get maintenance-free cloud-feature and security updates delivered to every 4000 Series switch in the network. And if there is a need to update 4000 Series firmware, this can also be centrally done from the cloud.

Fabric Attach services provide zero-touch edge provisioning and allow the 4000 Series to take advantage of the virtualized services and inherent security capabilities of the Extreme Fabric infrastructure.

ExtremeCloud IQ provides a native cloud management option for the 4000 Series. With a rich set of automated onboarding, provisioning and visibility features, ExtremeCloud IQ eases the day-to-day task of managing the 4000 Series through the following unique cloud-native features.

4000 Series switches can also be managed from ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine as an on-premises cloud management option. ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine supports complete end-to-end management and monitoring of wired, wireless and 3rd-party devices, with in-depth visibility and control of users, devices and applications. 4000 Series management features available using ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine include zero-touch provisioning, device configuration, alarms and events, scripts and workflows, as well as inventory management including backup and restore functions. Also available are ExtremeAnalytics for 4000 Series telemetry reporting and ExtremeControl for OnePolicy configuration/support.

The 4000 Series offers models that include standards-based IEEE 802.3at 30W on 1 gigabit access ports and IEEE 802.3bt 30/60/90W on multi-gigabit ports. This includes 90W PoE support across all 24 or 48 ports of the 4120 hardware. PoE eliminates the need for additional electrical cabling and circuits otherwise needed to power edge devices, such as IP phones or wireless APs.

4120 models support 200Gb stacking via two built-in QSFP28 ports. Up to eight systems can be stacked using qualified direct-attach cables and optical transceivers.

4220 models support 40Gb stacking via two built-in SFP+ uplink ports. Up to eight systems can be stacked using qualified 10Gb direct attach-cables and optical transceivers.


  1. Cross-stacking between 4120 and 4220 models is not supported.
  2. Stacking is not supported when running Fabric Engine.

4000 Series onboarding to the cloud is a hands-off operation using zero-touch provisioning. Simply unpack the 4000 Series switch, connect it to the network, and it automatically finds its connection to the cloud, ready to be provisioned. The ExtremeCloud Companion mobile app makes onboarding even easier with on-site cloud set-up and switch troubleshooting capabilities.

Instant Port automates adds, moves or changes across 4000 Series switch ports, eliminating the need for manual port configuration. The 4000 Series automatically detects the connected device type and applies the correct port parameters. The result is significant time savings when adding or moving devices across the 4000 Series wired network. A simple cloud interface allows Instant Port definitions of customer designated device types which can then be applied across a single switch, a stack, or even all 4000 Series switches in the network.

Instant Secure Port leverages ExtremeCloud Universal ZTNA (UZTNA) for authentication and zero-trust policy enforcement across 4000 Series switch ports, while providing the same add, move, and change automation features of Instant Port. It simplifies 4000 Series security by using UZTNA’s cloud-based security capabilities, including RADIUS authentication, unified visibility and reporting, as well as policy enforced locally on 4000 Series ports. In doing so, it delivers a consistent and frictionless security experience for any user or device connecting through the 4000 Series switch. (NOTE: ExtremeCloud UZTNA requires a separate license.)

Instant Stack simplifies cloud-based stack provisioning, enabling the entire switch stack to be set-up through a single push-button operation. Real-world stack information, including each switch model and their stack order, is captured and replicated in the cloud. Once set up, the entire stack is then ready to be cloud-provisioned.

The 4120 supports 1/2.5Gb multi-gigabit operation across all its access ports. This includes 24 x 1/2.5Gb ports on the 4120-24MW-4Y and 48 x 1/2.5Gb ports on the 4120-48MW-4Y.

The 4220 includes multi-gigabit PoE models with ports that operate at 1/2.5/5Gb. The 4220-4MW-8P-4X and 4220-4MW-20P-4X models support 4 multi-gigabit ports and the 4220-8MW-40P-4X supports 8 multi-gigabit ports. This enables the connection of APs or other powered devices requiring more than 1 Gigabit of bandwidth.


Quiet (fan-off) mode operation at temperatures up to 35°C is supported on 4220 12-port PoE, non-PoE, and multi-gigabit models. This makes these models ideal for classrooms, hospitality suites, retail sites, or other noise-sensitive environments, especially outside of the wiring closet environment.


4000 Series Universal Switches

Cloud-managed switches that simplify deployment and day-to-day operations. Available in 8-, 12-, 24- and 48-port models with gigabit, multi-gigabit and 90W PoE options, they are ideal for branch, campus, or distributed sites.

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