Fabric Attach Network Automation

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One of the key benefits of Extreme Fabric Connect (an enhanced implementation of SPB) technology is simplified operations through access layer network provisioning. Fabric Connect delivers a “Zero-Touch-Core” that virtually eliminates the chance of core network misconfiguration. It allows simple and secure deployment for any type of network service without the need to make any configuration changes on intermediate/core nodes, even in environments where clients roam.

Extreme Networks developed “Fabric Attach” to extend these same benefits to network elements or hosts that are not Fabric Connect/SPB capable. Extreme Fabric Attach (FA) extends Fabric Connect to deliver an “Autonomic Edge” capability that dramatically reduces the costs of adding new or modifying existing services. Any FA capable device (a switch, server, WLAN AP, IP Camera, etc.) can now be securely connected to the network, authorized for a network service, and attach to the appropriate network service instance – all automatically and based on policy. This enables Fabric Attach devices to come straight out of the box and can be provisioned onto the network with “Zero Touch”!

Imagine if your operations team could roll out new application services instantly, without the associated risks of touching most or all of your network devices. Extreme commissioned an analysis of Fabric Connect customers with Market Dynamics a couple of years ago. The findings were telling; Fabric Connect customers spent 85% less time and effort configuring their networks to turn up new services. Additionally, on average, Fabric Connect customers went from averaging 3 “human caused errors” during configurations to zero per year. This Extreme Networks paper explains what Fabric Attach is and how it is used in solutions to automate network service creation and attachment, and removal when a service is no longer required.

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