Network Health Check: Diagnosing the Keys to IT Security, Efficiency, and Simplicity for Healthcare

The healthcare industry is shifting how it delivers patient care, expands clinical services, and adopts digital transformation.  This places enormous pressure on IT teams to meet the evolving demands of their clinical environments – along with their connected systems, users, devices, and applications.

How does IT keep pace with demand in an efficient, scalable, cost-effective way?  

In this session, hosted and recorded live, our speakers diagnose the keys to a secure and healthy IT network. Technology leaders share insights and experiences around:     

  • Healthcare’s business and digital drivers impacting IT teams
  • Top network competencies needed to support elevated demand
  • Enabling all connected users, devices, applications, and IoT/MIoT
  • Designing a network for enhanced security/flexibility and reduced complexity/cost
  • Benefits, use cases, and real-world examples of Fabric-based infrastructure

The real-world insights and takeaways from this discussion are relevant for any IT practitioner, regardless of your network environment, specific technology challenges, or overarching goals.

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