The Ultimate SDN Planning Toolkit

Software defined networking is the wave of the IT future and the time to start planning is now. Companies big and small are looking to SDN for unprecedented speed, programmability, simplicity, and automation. However, considerable confusion still surrounds SDN, starting with a simple definition of the term to the widely-varying solutions and disparate architectures that vendors have introduced.

That is why we have put together this free planning toolkit, designed to bring clarity to the confusion of SDN, from exploring the possibilities all the way to buying.

The four resources included in this kit are:

  1. Special Industry Report – SDN in the Data Center: Learn more about the SDN movement, where it is heading in the future, what industry experts are saying, and the impact on the data center.
  2. Leading Edge Use-Case – Simple Migration to SDN: Read how the Town of Enfield, CT added SDN to an existing network to provide an on-demand user experience.
  3. Solution Brochure – An Evolutionary SDN Platform to Promote Community-Led Innovation: Learn how you can migrate your existing (brownfield) network to SDN without an expensive forklift upgrade.
  4. SDN Evaluation Guide – 5 Questions to Ask Every Vendor: Use this guide to help select which vendor’s SDN platform is best equipped to support your needs.