Benchmark Report: The World is Connected: The Store Must Be Too

RSR Report - The connected Store

Retailers are under tremendous pressure to integrate the store into a complex selling environment that is data-centric in nature. Increased communication between management and employees, digital twin technologies throughout the enterprise, network-centric applications, customer and employee access to the internet via the corporate network, a constant flow of new data types over the network (video data, IoT data, etc.) – the list of demands keeps growing. All of these operational capabilities make significant demands on a retailer’s network. As a result, retailers need a network roadmap that they are in control of for a dynamic and well-managed network that can grow with the business. 

Download the full report to learn more about: 

  • Why the in-store experience remains paramount 
  • In what ways technology adoption is presenting both a challenge and opportunity 
  • Who exactly is winning in the global retail landscape 
  • How winning retailers are investing strategically 

Today’s most successful retailers are strategically using Wi-Fi in a way that helps them win in these areas. These are just some of the findings in the latest report from Retail Systems Research (RSR) and Extreme, which surveyed 114 retail executives worldwide.

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